Why Isn't My Villager Restocking Why Isn't My Villager RestockingVillagers not taking jobs : r/technicalminecraft. How long does it take for a villager to restock?. U need 2 blocks above the beds so the baby villagers can jump i believe. They are right in front if their trade block so Im not sure why it isn’t re-stocking itself. A villager can detect job sites as far as 48 blocks. 2) can someone tell me why my villagers are not restocking? I can't seem to find an answer on google because most of them are in 1. I don't think feeding them helps. ) Importantly, a villager with whom one has not traded at least once will lose profession if the claimed WS is broken (and presumably if the claim is reliquished due to distance). Why Wont My Villagers Breed Villagers now also have to be “willing” to breed, being in “mating mode” isn’t enough anymore. Try breaking their line of sight, breaking all workstations and replacing them one by one, or moving the villagers further away from each other. Villagers not moving on server glitch? I have a server that I have been playing on for about a week and I haven't had any issue but today while I was creating a villager farm all my villagers just stopped moving and don't do anything except stand still. There are two main reasons why villagers won’t take jobs in Minecraft. non of the non-profession villagers aren't taking any jobs. If doing more than one at a time they can switch workstations. I had a master fletcher who was working fine, then for some reason he just stopped going to his house, despite it only being about 12 blocks away, with a simple path leading to it. Food: 12 beet, potato, or carrot. 1) is worthwhile is something to consider…. My mending villager is not restocking even though I updated the server to 1. Comments like these are contributing to the chaos and not needed. I tried getting rid of all there stations and beds didn’t work. My villager area isn't the traditional method it is open with farms with little rooms for each villager and they are free to roam within walls and I got some pretty good librarians but my mending librarian wont restock on trades but the rest will idk why and I need to fix it. In order to force them to refresh their trades, you need to break and place back their work stations until you find something that works for you. It has been hours irl and the guy won't restock. Villager Restocking : r/Minecraft. A simple solution for this is giving them access to all 3 workstations. First try to summon a villager. A villager needs a bed and a workstation to have a profession. It implies that the Villager's surroundings are suitable for breeding to occur. Im not sure of jobsite block mechanics in 1. Librarian wont restock trades : r/MinecraftHelp. I’m trying to get my villager to be a cartographer but he won’t change into that profession. I have a villager farm with about 4 villagers in it. What you need to do is place the work station in a way its facing the villager. 2] Why isn't my villager restocking? : r/Minecraft. Beds will also help you start restocking trade materials again in your gameplay. my villagers wont breed i don't know why? : r/Minecraft. I do try to sleep to get them to restock but that just doesn't work anymore for some reason (sleeping used to work before 1. The chance for a villager to convert to a villager-zombie. One of my librarians I haven’t been able to trade with for sometime now due to them not re-stocking. Some random villagers will no longer restock their items. Without you seeing with your own eyes, we can only make assumptions based on what the op said. Why won’t my villager restock his trades? The main reason why villagers might not be restocked in your game is that they don’t have workplace blocks that they can use. Why is this? There is a zombie in the back to zombify them, could that be the issue? Or is it because my villager breeder is near by?. - A villager is a passive mob and doesn't need the PersistenceRequired tag. It's comfy and everything is 100% paid for. This gives the villagers a spot to run to where they lose sight of the zombie. What behaviour is observed: Villagers don't have a workstation linked to them and won't ever link to any workstation. All of them stopped restocking after i cured them (were working fine before), I have made sure they are infront of the correct work station. For it to fall down into the cart his inventory has to be full. Some Vlvillager cant take jobs, they are usally green. 5, and the trick to reset villager trades, where you break their workstation then replace it if you haven't traded with them isn't working. One is that you might be trying to assign work to a nitwit, and another might be that they already have a profession and job. Help! Villagers not taking jobs. They roam and roam my city never growing into an adult. They're linked to the correct work station and can definitely reach them. heres what ive done so far: - broke and replaced all workstations, ensured they paired with the proper workstation in. He stated the villagers are restocking other things but not the Enchanted books. Spawn a villager (farmer/brown coat) in the enclosure. I rage quit the game after struggling to rebuild my trading hall. Whether villagers need to restock their …. They were woken up and have Insomnia. For instance, if you have them in trading cells and break their workstation to try for new trades/change their jobs, they may. My villagers are not restocking trades. I was told this was a one-time temporaryity while the company reorganized, and that it would be fixed when the company reorganized again. People Share Their “Yeah, This Person Isn’t My Friend Anymore” Stories. May require breaking a few lecterns to get links in correct locations. ago I have had the same problem but I think I found a fix. Villagers de-link and switch POI: MCPE-46157. Steps to reproduce the issue No errors thrown in logs. Friendships are hard to maintain. ok now i made it absolutely impossible to pathfind to another lectern for one of the villagers (the one i cured). So I have built a trading hall in which you can turn a villager into a zombie villager automatically and when I do that and then cure them they get a normal discount. They need to restock, to do so they need access to the workstation that they linked to. If you only have one you'll have to transport another from a village or cure a zombie villager. Cured Villagers Not Restocking? : r/Minecraft. In the video links below, 0ldGuy goes in depth into villager mechanics regarding workstations and trading in general. I'm waiting for the results right now. Once I lose a villager's trade option, can I ever get it back?. not sure if this is a problem on bedrock, but this is happening to me on java. Actually I upgraded the game to 1. In Java Edition, to restock they only need access to their workstation and the proper time of day. Villagers Not Linking With Workstations : r/Minecraft. The most likely cause is no workstation or inaccessible workstation. How Do Villagers Restock?. MC-148878 Villagers will not restock if original workstation is broken, placed elsewhere. make sure to be near the villager when they go to work i think loaded chunks play a big part of villager restocking,they restock every minecraft day when they go to work so practically every morning,if you sleep the villagers will go to work and should have most trades restocked. do other trades with that villager, once you reach enough trades, it'll renew itself. Does anybody know how to fix this! This thread is archived. 14, I have already tried waiting for a couple of days (in Minecraft) now but the trades are still locks. Mainstation below mit Mainhouse. Tips for Navigating New York as a Tourist. (Due to not being able to tell what version this is focused on, I will assume that this is 1. It is the same as ImpulseSV's breeder with the 1. Not sure why but this villager (Librarian) seems to not want to restock his trades. MC-149117 Villager won't open trades. Villager Trading Discounts info sheet (Java) : r/Minecraft. In other words, players cannot change the profession of a villager once the two parties have engaged in trading. 8 release Villager breeding has been tweaked. Villager restock times : r/technicalminecraft. It works completely fine now! You get to suggest anything (that isn't something outright NSFW) for me to build, but someone gets to choose a "side effect. Leave an extra square behind the bed, and then two more blocks, each one lower than the last. Desk mode enabled to match mess mode. The problem with the stonecutters was that villagers in my villager breeder were taking the job of the stonecutters and I had to kill them but it got the stonecutters fixed and they are selling. They all have access to a bed and their assigned work block. Trap them in a large say 30x30 room that is 2 high inside. one of the other villagers is locked to this workstation, remove the workstation, place solid blocks in front of all the other villagers/block their path finding & then place the lectern back in front of that villager & it should work, might still have to wait a little bit for it to be the time of day to restock. The older you get, the easier it is to come to terms with that. tried giving them space behind so that they could interact and maybe get to the right lectern. Your villager will need a bed to restock trade items in Minecraft. Villagers now also have to be "willing" to breed, being in "mating mode" isn't enough anymore. vanilla limit is 2 times each 10 minutes); Reset demands on villagers offers. Make sure there are no other villagers near by, they could be taking the job first. I've traded with them and they have leveled up. Yes you can and it is however you will need lots of things to trade to level up the villager and see the trades, this will lock the villagers trees ND if you don't get the right things you will need another villager. MC-251755 Snapshot version 22w19a Villagers wont restock. They all have access to their work stations, …. I also had problems with villagers not …. Why is my villager not restocking their gold? : r/Minecraft. 1: Villager sometimes won't refill their stock. Was wondering if anyone else has run into. i think the distance is no more than one block away from another villager (so they can. A retro diner where Fauna is the waitress and the other villagers are …. Each trading villager has a different workstation; that way, you can decide which villager has which profession. Is it possible to (and, if so, how do you) spawn in a villager which is incapable of restocking? I'm going to make a guided Skyblock-like map, with the villager's trades representing different progression tasks (e. You get to suggest anything (that. Why aren't my villagers restocking? (Bedrock) : Minecraft. A trendy nightclub with someone DJ-ing and other villagers dancing to music. If you don't buy for a full in game day while the villager was capable of selling (in loaded chunks, restocked), the price will fall back towards the one set as 'standard' by permanent positive bonus (like after curing the. When a villager has restocked twice in less than 10 minutes, it waits at least 10 minutes for another restock. Villagers are linked to a workstation. The carrot farm is closer to the trading hall and the potato farm is 1 layer beneath that. 3 villager reputation discounts not higher than 15 …. Cases Unloading villager during refresh. I am setting up a villager trading hall, and any librarians I try to change the trades of leave their profession, then when they regain it, they still have the same trades, no matter what. Do the same with the next one, waiting for him to "work," and so on. MC-154415 Villagers don't lose their professions if they have been leveled up to Apprentice or higher. (Why and How to Fix It) By Petra Pralica Published on December 21, 2022 Why trust us? Check out Game Horizon's Editorial Policy. As soon as the player trades with this. If the non-farming villager (the "catcher") manages to catch even the occasional bit of food, eventually his inventory will fill up, and then the farming villager (the "pitcher") will stop trying to throw food to him, and now the pitcher's inventory will fill up and then he'll stop harvesting altogether. Farmers not harvesting crops? Bedrock : r/Minecraft. Secondly, if they have already leveled up in a specific field they will never switch jobs. Unfortunately for Mojang, players quickly discovered a way to get mending without all the hassle. Takedown request View complete answer on. Why Villagers Won’t Restock Stacked Job Site Blocks. Every other villager is restocking as usual, and they're all masters, the cleric included. Theres not enough fresh air near the world border. The overworld time still runs even when you are in another dimension, and villagers work after the. 1 and this is still the problem (I cured the villager in optifine 1. My other villagers, namely clerics and librarians, have no problem restocking their trades as normal. Normally when trading with villagers, they can only restock their trades 2 times per day whenever they work on their profession. Step 1 - Put tools in either the work station in resources. Few things to note however: -If the cured villager breeds, it's offspring will not have the cured discounts -If you trade enough with the cured villager they may add an extra discount ontop which WILL stack. Why won t my villagers sleep in my iron farm? (They panic when they have eye contact with zombies and pillagers. The villagers only restock at certain times of day, so if you leave the area and are gone when they're supposed to restock, they can't restock. This block also allows the villager to restock in non-working hours. Villagers do not properly keep track of the last time they restocked, neither the number of times they have restocked in the day. Hi, I'm currently playing in Bedrock 1. The issue with workstations is they may latch onto one that you don't expect them to. Break all the job blocks and replace them one by one, making sure the right villagers link to the right job blocks. if that's not it, try breaking them and placing them again, and watch to see if green particles show up to signify that the connection has been successful. Why are my Villagers not restocking their Trades? I have waited a. They need a work station since taking jobs is part of their programming. Villagers Not Restocking : r/Minecraft. I'm now trying to reset him by changing his job and giving it back. MC-153741 villagers doesnt drop profession when the workstation is broken. Villagers restock when they can access their workstation. Beds are very much a necessity when breeding Villagers. There is a bed and everything and he’s right by my breeder. Why are villagers not growing when I am away ? MINECRAFT …. Otherwise, your villagers will have angry particles over their heads. You can also make sure they have plenty of water to drink. i play on my switch lite and i have a little villager trading booth, where the farmers are put in a little 1x2 spot with their composted in front of them. Villagers inside a trader are not restocking and it has been over an hour. This took about 2~3 ingame days, it was before phantoms but it was more then one day. A beach scene with some villagers making sandcastles or lounging on beach towels. Im on the nether roof, and my villagers wont restock, its been 3 to 4 minecraft days and they wont restock, they are on a minecart and near other villagers, he is the only one to not restock. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Unfortunately, there is a minute possibility that this may be the only available trade this particular villager offers. I don't know why this is happening. Steps/models to reproduce: Get a villager, place a workstation, observe. If you have ever slept in this bed you have scrambled the list and therefore the poi. Minecraft How To Fix Villagers Not RestockingSubscribe to my dad - https://www. for some reason, he hasn't restocked and it's been and i've been afk for an hour now. The first image shows my entire breeder, based on the super efficient infinite breeder by Unarybit. Workstation must be accessible, so best on the ground and no blocks around it. All of the villagers were zombie villagers. I took a villager from my villager breeder and he is not nitwit but still not taking any profession, i have 15 villagers in my trading hall and I've took three villagers but no one is taking any professions anymore. This could happen because of two reasons: 1. Bedrock] Why isn't my Villager becoming a cleric? : r/Minecraft. So, to remedy the problem, the first thing that we. 3 villager reputation discounts not higher than 15 percent. New comments cannot be posted and votes. Right, so let’s get stuck into the reason why you are having this problem straight away. i cant tell if its because i have them underground, but villagers are completely broken in 1. I have followed every sted of every tutorial without it working for me. The bug makes it impossible to make a trading hall where the villagers restock, as they will just switch workbenches such that they can nolonger …. Tom Ellison is the son of the founder of Value Village, and Leonard Green and Partners, L. If on bedrock, just need 1 bed in the area of the villagers. I turns out that since the fence was right next to terrain they just walk into the pen from above. Here's a photo of the villagers, if it helps. Villagers refuse to restock after being cured ">. had 1:1 berry trade but now we're back to not restocking. As used in this article, the term village means a "logical village", which is an area of a world where village mechanics governs villager behavior. If you regularly keep up with the news, you know that the world can look like a pretty awful place sometimes. Explore the PGA Village Port St Lucie – A Golfer’s Paradise. It has worked fine since then but suddenly i've started getting this issue where this one librarian wont restock. Better to lava or sufficate them as other villagers won’t anger. When I put a lectern it turns into a librarian and when I break it, they usually turn back. Villagers on Bedrock will try to link with a random profession block from so far away and they can’t even see it. Villager restocking requirements : r/Minecraft. While popular tourist destinations like Lisbon and Porto often steal the limelight, there are hidden gems tucked away in the picturesque villages. I Justed this Villager breeder and it isn´t working I have two villager (both shepards) Edit: Two Scrennshots. Check the trade by clicking on it. 21 75 Related Topics Minecraft Sandbox game Open world Action-adventure game Gaming 75 comments Best leo_reddit07 • 1 yr. The villagers claimed the bed and workstation and would trade, but won't restock their trades. Trap them with the workstation where they cannot access anything but the work station and a bed. Or a way to remove new villagers from being able to pathfind to the beds in the breeding chamber. Here’s what to do when your fridge isn’t cold but your freezer works. on my realms all of our cured villagers are not restocking. A library with some villagers studying or reading books. Try closing all things other than minecraft, and that may help. Upvote this comment if this is a good quality post that fits the purpose of r/Minecraft. Look at the wiki for villager breeding, and make sure your setup matches the requirements. Why is my villager not restocking? The main cause of the restocking issue is that your villager may not have a workplace block that they can use. So I followed a Tutorial by a youtuber named Farzy on making a villager breeder and did everything right. Why is my villager not accepting a workstation : r/Minecraft. Villagers have not restocked trades since bedrock was released on PS4. I already have a base and animal/crop farms. Minecraft Villager Not Restocking: What’s The Reason? - KrispiTech Minecraft Villager Not Restocking: What’s The Reason? 07/14/2023 109 0 Table of …. Based off your screenshots they're not by their workstations at all. My friends and I have to end up breaking 30 or more profession blocks around our town just to set up one villager to the right profession that we need. There IS a village nearby, but I broke all the beds and broke the bell. They are all different professions (except two librarians) and we made sure they can talk to each other, but they still won’t restock. You can cycle the trades of the villager with the "Cycle Trades" button (looks like an arrow) on the top left. Some other villager has linked to the cartography table. It is easier if you are in Creative to be able to clone items. The Best Gay Bars in New York City’s West Village. of wall and then a fencepost blocking the spot I'm from of them off the ceiling (or a slab) they can keep rerolling the work station to make em link. i don't have any nitwits but still i. I give enough carrots to both and they make love but no baby villagers come out. The /start command is from the Skript plugin and is as follows: command /start: aliases: /begin. villagers forget you cure them?. My Villagers wont restock after hours. However, they will actually tend farms only if it's within 16 blocks spherical. From Stunning Beaches to Charming Villages: Must. All they need is to be able to reach their workstations, and they will restock twice a day. For example, setting the game rule “randomTickSpeed” to a higher number will make all villagers restock their blocks …. One of the numerous things affected was the breeding. After you have made sure you have not traded with the villager, you will have to destroy his existing workstation and build him a new one that should be in his line of sight. Villagers' trade restocking speed should depend on how. I have a very good mending villager (12 emeralds) and he isn’t restocking. ) I gave them their respective job blocks and exhausted their level 1 trades, but they haven't restocked. Yes, villagers can function normally both in the end and in the nether. My system was set up so that the villagers were standing on a piston, which pulls them down to be zombified. This work perfectly for the librarian I just locked in like a half hour ago. It needs to be a village, which means that at all times there needs to be one villager linked to one bed, as a minimum. Hey OP! When your question has been answered, please mark the post solved by replying to the comment/comments that helped with "!Helped". Minecraft How To Fix Villagers Not RestockingSubscribe to my dad - …. Why won’t my villagers let me trade? : r/Minecraft. If I leave them alone, the price goes back to 1 stick. I have waited about an hour, but still no restock. Make sure that villagers have at least 12x food in their inventory. 1, however, all of these villagers stopped restocking their trades. When you sleep in this bed you delinked the bed from. com/watch?v=6QvOD6gMPoYCarbon Gamings (Scottish Mans) Chanel: …. Bedrock villagers don’t need sleep in order to restock. This somehow keeps them from getting anxious about not being able to. Sometimes all you have to do is wait until the villager restocks on items! …. I first encountered it on a server I was playing with friends. tried giving them 2 - 3 days in mc nothing. Photo of the two villagers that won't restock. HELP! my villager is not turning into a librarian even when i put a. Is this a known bug or is there something I can do?. Villagers won't grow up, water won't flow, redstone machines will pause. Here's my setup: Every villager of mine is within a 3x2 small "house", which contains its job site blocks plus a bed. One bed for every villager +1 for every desired baby. Some villagers in 1x1 would restock, but some wouldn't. It’s like a capitalist generating wealth doing nothing, it isn’t fun. Then you can get them to breed more, just plop down some beds and toss them a bunch of potatoes, carrots or bread. My carrot farmer goes ham on his crops and the rates are fantastic. 2 I believe there's a "bug" that keeps villagers from breeding when confined to a single block, namely that it's always the same villager that picks up the food, even when he throws food to the other villager(s) he just picks it all back up before the other(s) get a chance. They do not work at all, I set their work station blocks near them and they do nothing. If the village gets destroyed, all villagers unlink from their workstations and link back to a random one of their profession. Some of my villagers on Minecraft are not restoking. Does he have access to his own workstation? Villagers will (at a certain time in the day) go to their work station blocks and ‘restock my their trades. I have a bed hidden behind a wall, in a 2*1 space. 19, villagers wont restock trades, ive tried. It took me a while to figure this out, but here's how to reset a villager's trade when you hook him with a fishing pole: You'll need a repeating command blocks set to (always active) with this command: /execute as @e [type=villager] at @s if entity @e [type=minecraft:fishing_bobber, distance=. Check out these top tips to look like a local while you’re navigating New Yo. One of my villagers (cleric) isn't restocking, and it's been about six or seven in-game days. If you haven't locked his profession, it may be because there's another job station nearby. Your post is still visible on the sub. However, the main method for trading still remains trading with villagers of different professions in a village. i traded the papers for emeralds but they wont restock. For a charming and low-key getaway, consider visiting one of Spain's most beautiful villages for a vacation. But, if you have a good aim, they can be your biggest asset. Wondering if anyone on this community has any advice, already have a bed and workstation by each villager and have made sure that each is assigned to the blocks. I have been told that this issue would be fixed in the next bug fix. Sometimes all you have to do is wait until the villager restocks on items! Updated on Oct 13, 2023 Why Can't I Trade With Villagers in Minecraft Anymore?. It was reported as fixed in 19w34a. Why won't my villagers restock? : r/Minecraft. Solution 3: Provide Beds to Villagers. If the 2 villager are totally full, you can wait without give food, (if they are both full, they won't breed). This is also supposedly fixed in the 1. However since you indicated that placing a new villager in the farm causes it to work, this isn't your issue. Why Won't Villagers Take Jobs in Minecraft?. If the villager doesn’t get irritated when you break the workstation, they weren’t connected to it. How do you get villagers to reset trades?. If you are able to run data commands, the command to display the entity data for the nearest villager is: /data get entity @e [type=villager,limit=1,sort=nearest] The data should start with (or contain somewhere): {Brain: {memories: { important_bits_here }}} For newly cured villagers, important_bits_here seems to be empty (or at the least, it. Why isnt my cleric restocking trades? Ive been waiting for like an hour and he still hasn't restocked his trades. I placed a lectern near it because I read that it. This however doesn’t affect trades restocking in …. bedrock] My villager trades won't reset : r/MinecraftHelp. It's getting annoying having to break all the workstations in the row to get a villager to accept the one right in front of them. Then I followed SilentWhisperer's stackable villager farm for potatoes and carrots and placed it beneath the trading hall so all the villagers are within the center of the village. My best guess would be that you'll have to remove all beds, bells and workstations from the area where the villagers are at and starting re-linking them one at a time. They don't need to sleep in them, but may need to link. If you own a Samsung refrigerator, you may be wondering what to do when your ice maker isn’t working. Villages overpopulate (leaving some villagers with no POI to link to): MCPE-47212. yeah they should restock like twice a day or so, even without beds. As with lag, for example, there are numerous other …. Your minecraft game is lagging. bedrock] Why won't my villager trades unlock? The composter. 4 update, that buffed their trades and can work all day even when they don't restock, they actually will restock whenever they do their work after their trades are fully locked after 2 times. 19 villagers that are zombified and cured won't restock their trades. If an item isn’t traded for at all, the price will go down. Well that really sucks because he is a villager with 2 mending trades rip. MC-148440 Clerics' trade cool-downs will not go away. Villager trade discounts resetting after curing. So try to explain: A villager needs his own workstation to unlock, one villager one station. Villagers Turning into Zombies not 100% – Minecraft Feedback. Villagers need beds to restock their trades, but it isn’t as simple as just placing a bed near them. Theres beds nearby but I don't think any of them are linked with those so I don't have a clue why. If an unassigned villager has not claimed a bed, they will search neighboring job-site blocks. I've tried curing them from Zombies and spawning them, but they just stand motionless. For anyone planning a trip to Spain, it may be ove. A villager may restock twice within a 10-minute period, but it may wait at least another 10 minutes for another restocking. However, after trading a few times, the price went up to 1 emerald for 26 sticks. I got a farmer in a 1x1 cell with the floor being a compost bin but he wont restock. i've tried picking it up and putting it back down, this shows the green stars like when they recognize it as their job block. Then try to give him one special trade, without any fancy items. Maybe the trapdoors are interfering, but I have tried removing them, and still no restock. Ok thank you! Superphyder • 3 mo. There's a good chance that my villagers are on a mourning period. Hey Guys, i recently started playing minecraft again and love the new 1. Villagers need 2 blocks of space above beds. # This is the same as Cooldown, but applies to a villager's restocking function # * Set to 0 to disable this feature and keep vanilla behavior # * Set to a number and interval to add a per-villager, per-trade cooldown for all trades (see below) Restock: 0 #----- PER-ITEM SETTINGS -----# # Override the global settings for individual items. You’ll probably need to kill all of one side and remove all the beds on that side. It’s been about 30 in-game days. : r/Minecraft">Villagers won't trade me enchanted books anymore. Equinox In that range I personally have not noticed any real slow down but I keep the "farm" portion of my villager automation farms and villager spawners even closer like a max 10-12 blocks. He has a green coat and i know that they used to be useless villagers without trades but i thought that was changed. Villagers sometimes refuse to reset/restock their trades in certain situations, despite them being directly next to or on top of their own workstation, even though …. Yes, if the time of day that's set isn't within villager working hours, then they won't work/restock. This will create a village, centered on the pillow of said bed. For farmers, this means they won't sow or harvest even if the crops are under cover with them. you do need a lot of paper or emeralds to unlock that trade though. (You can get some crazy good prices from this) -When villagers witness you cure a zombie villager they may give you a temporary. villager won’t restock, i traded with the villager and it hasn’t restocked after days of having this “X” there. It just makes the time pass more quickly so that the villager has the opportunity to visit his jobsite during working hours the next day. The fixes work on both the Bedrock and the Jave versions of Minecraft. I'm actually going insane, can somebody please tell me why they aren't restocking? Here are some pictures. Question: How Do You Get Villagers To Restock Trades?. as long as they have claimed it, they should be using it. See which villager links to it. Suppose you’re interested in learning how a villager already. r/Kenshi • One of my workers is not working. How to get mending villager in Minecraft. In particular, I am witnessing villagers relinquishing their job site blocks for no apparent reason. 1, does it have to do with the fact that the villager went out of stock in 1. 14 came with a HUGE change to the villagers. If a villager loses LOS to their bed, they will not unclaim it unless 100 blocks away. ) No matter where I put the lecturn, the guy didn't get a job. 19 making it so that at least some villagers which have been cured from the zombie version don’t restock their trades. My mending villager hasn't restocked in a while, I've been around him for a while (probably about 20 minutes straight at one point) and he hasn't restocked ever. Create farmland with a water source within the enclosed area.