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Deviantart Choose Your Own TransformationYou enter a mysterious room, and see a table with a selection of odd items. She needs to raise $530 to pay it off or it's bye, bye phone games and tumblr. io, the indie game hosting marketplace and cast spells on your journey to rescue your giant girlfriend from gobbos. Choose Your Own Chumby! [ENDED] By. You saw that strange idol who is not protected by a glass. When deciding on a color, consider the. Transformaween (Choose Your Own TF!) 1. Herpy: Reptile Lovers' Community (formerly known as Herpy Image Archive from 2005 - 2012 and Herpy Reference Archive) is a mature art aggregator and interactive community for artists, writers, and fans of everything herpetophilia, and xenophilia including ornithophilia. Anime inspired , Sailormoon style , magical transformation into a powerful being. This installment is called The Transformation of Alison. Explore the Best Fairytransformation Art. anime cute cyoa hot sexy transformation cyoatransformation. Comics can be alright, but even there it can be annoying to scroll around the page. The story archive caters to a wide variety of transformation concepts and fetishes, including human-to-animal (and vice-versa, both mythical and existing species), …. The full version is a couple minutes long, ANIMATED, and with sound. Check out amazing chooseyourownadventure artwork on DeviantArt. DeviantArt">thriller54321. Watering The Plant Girl [NSFW] NSFW Water/Blueberry Inflation Game where a scientist woman accidentally inflates a plant girl. Transformaween (Choose Your Own TF!). Yerf was probably the furry fandom's best known exclusively non-adult art archive of its time. The inside was quite welcoming. Choose Your Own change: busty school girl. Tell the community what’s on your mind. this CYOE was thrown together out of boredom though it turned out pretty good all things considered. Choose Your Own Balloon (Part 2) Elsewhere on the beach, we find that Bianca has located a balloon in the sand (they're randomly scattered around for the competition) but Kelly has spotted the same one. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Come Join the Transformation Community Archives, a discord community with over 600 users focusing on all types of transformations including inanimate, animal, objectification and more. Choose Your Own Change : Cat Ears Choose Your Own Change : bimbo Choose Your Own Change : taller and older Choose Your Own Change : Taller Choose Your Own Change : maid lord-corruption. Choose Your Own change:catladies. For reasons only you know, you decided to took it. 60K subscribers in the gendertransformation community. Unbeknownst to her, her skin began to pale and her hair began to darken. if you do then the ladies can have some fun making you into their cute plaything. Click on the three-dot menu of your favorites, and select "Submit as a Deviation. Thanks to everyone who replied! Their fate is your hands. The Special Place is a secretive facility with unique equipment and personnel for transforming people into anything they want to be, or to be more accurate, anything someone else wants them to be. The Snake Chalice - Choose Your Transformation. When you reach the table he is sitting at, a chair appears out of thin air underneath you. Space 80 Calimesa, CA 92320 USA Note: $6000 is the operating, maintenance and upgrade budget. I find that google is very useful for finding things you like on the CYOC site. Choose Your Own Transformation! Suggest the changes you want to happen to her! 1 You can make the same suggestion multiple times to increase its effect! 2 You can suggest broad or abstract things, I'll challenge myself to blend it in and make it work Next: Nerd! fav. fx file, paste the one provided into your main Skyrim folder (don't rename it). Use this link to send us a gift: One-Time Gift Recurring Gift. this was the controlling journal for the Choose Your Own Edit 7. These guidelines will show you how to replace a transformer and get eve. The Hero of Legend, still searching for the dragon's songs. Then suddenly they appeared out from behind the trees, knights of the diabolic Enslaver, Lars …. It had been a calm and uneventful day…. chumby fursona tf transformation cyoc pre_tf. Intrigued by this mysterious symbol that clearly had nothing to do inside. At Custom Cursor we have created a giant collection of hand-drawn cute cursors. Taka's Officer (Muscle Growth Transformation) Enjoy this NSFW animation by Taka, about a police officer who gets a little too big for his britches: For more muscle growth animation, check out Taka's blog! For a bonus, here's some MG from episode 19 of the anime Tenjou Tenge: men growth. This was a questionnaire of sorts that would be used to give you an idea of what your "toon self" would be like, and make you feel like that character. The Hero of Time, aged into an adult and struggling on his quest. Choose one of these options:Hang out with friends: https://youtu. You can choose to transform anyone you wish, a celebrity, somebody you know or even yourself if you are feeling brave. Now, though, the town was full-to-bursting with people, refugees from Castle Town. Days for these should be every Tuesday and Friday. Explore the choose ur own adventure starts collection - the favourite images chosen by gamergroup1 on DeviantArt. 6K Views It was Halloween, and you found yourself venturing through the neighborhoods once more. With its easy-to-use tools and features, GoAnimate makes it simple for anyone to turn their ideas into reality. I would like to encourage anyone who is interested. Choose your own transformation game. This is my first time with Twine, and maybe my last, but I want to try this, and keep it updated. You have no memory of how you got there so you get up off the floor and. If you're liking this choose your own adventure, don't forget to favorite or comment!. The students of transformation U: Choose a student as they go through various changes while finding something to do on campus. Explore the Choose your own adventure collection - the favourite images chosen by JGTB0PL on DeviantArt. Transforming Your Property with Customized Driveway Gates: What You Need to Know. She is an amazing woman and you're relationship with her has gotten really serious. Explore the Chose you adventure collection - the favourite images chosen by Bellystuffing on DeviantArt. I have given some classic story acrcs below, but feel free to add your own. His name was Little D, even if he himself was huge around 6 feet tall. All you guys have to do is comment down below what you want Keith to be transformed into and I’ll pick five of them to be drawn. In recent years, Chromebooks have gained significant popularity among users looking for a lightweight and affordable alternative to traditional laptops. UPDATE: I am capping off suggestions now. Any changes, and as many as you’d like. Explore chooseyourtransformation. Fairy Dust Follies (TGFC Transformation Story) “So you see, miss fairy queen, that’s why transforming the pope into an anime girl is hardly a war crime. Your new body was much stronger than you had given it credit for. drinkupava fetishart transformation. Stein was snapped back to reality when he heard the door to his classroom open, followed by a. Check out amazing choose_your_own_adventure artwork on DeviantArt. party was a web scraper website that used bots to crawl various different Patreon campaigns, mainly those of furry content creators. Induction and immediate reaction. Choose Your Own Transformation 324. Hello all and welcome to my first ever “You Choose the TF” or YCTF to celebrate 700 watchers. 7K Views drinkupava fetishart transformation Ava has gotten her phone bill and it is not pretty. The Akazian government and mafia cause unimaginable misery and death, a group of people banded together to fight them. Start a ‘choose your own adventure’ comic on my …. You would be going through your day a series of choices will change your life forever. A few blocks from your house is an old mansion. you will be dormer with a group …. After a long 15min of searching Craigslist lest. A sign on it says "Take one and enter the door. Choose Your Own change: 4 years older (ending) By. (I will give you the choices and play the other characters if you want to swap roles that ok as well. The color you choose will set the tone for your entire kitchen, so it’s important to make an informed decision. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important aspects is updating your bathtub. Decided to start off small! We don’t want her getting too full yet! She still has a whole day ahead of her! And for those of you who are wondering, it is totally plausible for a school that houses students that can literally swallow each other whole to have watermelons on demand. Furrventure - An ongoing "choose your own adventure" type story that anyone can add chapters to. (Trade) Thieving Sprites (Kingdom Hearts TF/TG) “Yeah! Victory!” A little, literally, girl shouted as she did a flip in the air, her scarf flapping in the air behind her as her other friend giggled, and the dark one just crossed her arms as the trio looking down from the air at their score. How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Best Kitchen Renovations. This is part 1 of a 7 part choose your own adventure series. Transformation Interactive Stories allow readers to choose their own path from a variety of options. Driveway gates are not only functional but also add an elegant touch to any property. You can only exit the gold door, and you must take one of these items with you:. Effie stated, taking a reclined position in a chair. Choose Your Own change: sexier. When it comes to transforming your backyard into a stunning oasis, one of the most popular choices is installing a swimming pool. Trapped! (An Interactive CYOA TF TG Story) by InfantryBoi13 on DeviantArt. You choose to put on the costume, you read …. User namePassword Log in Problems?. DeviantArt is growing up with its biggest redesign ever. Whether you are looking for added security, privacy, or simply want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, installing customized driveway gates can tran. “Of course it isn’t, but it makes us …. CYOA [START HERE!] It was a night like any other, you were peacefully sleeping and had a well-deserved vacation ahead of you, free from any responsibility. A nearby building with a convenient awning provides you with a much …. I cannot stress enough that both are NSFW on account of nudity and sexual content. In today’s digital age, the world of art has undergone a transformation. A nonrigid transformation describes any transformation of a geometrical object that changes the size, but not the shape. Of course, if you followed my advice in Act One, you would know about Sta. Choose Your Own Edit 7 by redryan2009 on DeviantArt. Check out amazing bodyswap artwork on DeviantArt. Log In Join or Want to discover art related to choosethetransformation? Check out amazing choosethetransformation artwork on DeviantArt. I've been living that new life for a while now and I still haven't got used to it. The main reason is everything stops working. Open] Choose Your own palette. The older, gray haired woman was dressed in her usual dark brown pantsuit. CYOA Transformation! Start! bepisTG. (At least basic HTML/CSS, how to customize your own page, journal and gallery skin, etc. However, choosing the right contractor for your be. Explore the Best Clowntransformation Art. Choose Your Own change: i'm a girl again. Suggest a tranformation down in the comments …. Transformative Marketing (CtT) Chaos-force. 'rumble' Oooh I haven't eaten anything since yesterday, maybe I should grab some food first. Interactive Stories are "choose your own ending" stories started by an Author and continued by any Writing. ) - As a Customizer Freak you are expected to be an active member to help the community. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Program Photo Editor for Your Needs. You Might Like… CYOTG Caption - Soda Sorcery [Choose Your Own TG!] By. Before and After: Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Transformations with Paint. please make sure the original design is credited to me. You were supposed to be the proud captain of the mighty warship, the S. (Target: No tech, Reduce/control computer time) Use simple passwords and use them to reinforce bimbolife. (choose your own TF) You've heard of the stories of the Magic man, and now you finally want to change yourself. net) Mature; Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence; F/M; Work in Progress; 02 Nov 2015. - Choose your preferred texture from one of the folders, change its name to enblensmask. There will be TG, animal TF, body swap, inanimate transformation, furry transformation and various other 3. Then, press CTRL + S on your keyboard to save the document and refresh the skin by right-clicking it and selecting Refresh skin. What Are Some Different Types of Transformers?. Looking to add some style and functionality to your backyard oasis — or turn your outdoor space into a backyard oasis in the first place? Landscaping can get expensive, but the right furniture can help you transform your yard at a fraction. As the story goes, you get to be Kaa the snake. In it, you can choose how the story continues. Choose your own Change (Man in Women locker room) You may be a man, but you decide to go right to the womens locker room. Are you looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look? Installing a new worktop is an easy and cost-effective way to transform the look of your kitchen. Cambion [🔞] A text-based transformation game [Update 0. With the rise of online newspaper subscriptions, more and more readers are choosing to get their news digitally rather than through traditional prin. Choose Their Transformation by Master. Your sister works there, and has been developing a whole new transformation program. It took a lot of thought to decide on this course of action, but Link could not live with himself if he put another person's life at risk trying to stop this criminal. A version of earth where time is all sorts of fucked up. ' He spoke out loud toward the massive mask, glaring at it to see it reaction in it star-like eyes. Click here to get started: Choose Your Own TF - Start. Trapped! (An Interactive CYOA TF TG Story) You awake in a small room, with a concrete floor, wall, and ceiling. His company had been ambushed while out on patrol in the forest. You run your hands down your stomach trying to find the edge of the material and get your finger underneath. Contains sexual content with focus on Bimbofication. How's an original character meant not be sued while …. Welcome to the world of Mytheria. You've known her all your life and she's one of your best friends. As a child, the small community was quiet and peaceful. Choose Your Own Edit 9: The Animation. Just click on the Submit option at the top right corner on almost any page on DeviantArt and select the option Deviation. The second boy was more respectable, and choose to fight the wolf in is mind, to kill it. So, I made a whole CYOA heavily focused on "malfunctions" that alter your body, drawbacks that alter pretty much everything, and a bunch of perks to boot. Herpy: Reptile Lovers' Community. Choose Your Own Zelda-Seeking Help Transformation or no transformation, Link was not one to be cowed by his baser urges, even if that Hinox Honey was very tasty and really another glass couldn't really hurt- Before he could be tempted any longer, Link rose and told Telma goodbye, before leaving the bar (which was a bit of a …. Choose Your Hero! - Micaiah (FEH …. you transform into a female dog) 1 TG For vanilla TG results / scenarios (Disable all categories above for pure TG) Include speech change. Choose Your Own Zelda-Seeking Help Transformation or no transformation, Link was not one to be cowed by his baser urges, even if that Hinox Honey was very tasty and really another glass couldn't really hurt- Before he could be tempted any longer, Link rose and told Telma goodbye, before leaving the bar (which was a bit of a squeeze with his new. A transformative Adventure: Beginning by Team-Ehiro, literature. For example, the first choice you make is gender. Transforming a Backyard for Entertaining. CYOT2! One: Female by unit1138 on DeviantArt. change choose frog hearts kingdom princess tf xion organizationxiii. This change was made in consultation with users of the Playmouse forums, however many users and artists were not aware of the. Transform Your Home With Ashley’s Furniture Showroom. For that reason, he told Zelda that he himself would be the bait in the trap. Choose my TG Transformation - Day 9. Malone, a private investigator struggling to make a name for herself as a detective in a man’s world. Svi u selu su ga zvali Brko, a tako je bio poznat i šire, u cijelom duvanjski kraju, još od Pročitaj više. Lend your support and choose your reward! Direct Link: https://www. Customize your Chrome browser experience with our free collection of mouse cursors at Custom Cursor. - 1 vote per Deviant per change (once you vote/ put an idea down you have to wait) - and the main rule have fun back:Choose Your Own Change : seeing beginning:Choose Your Own Change start next: Choose Your Own change: female yuma. The only change in is life was his need to be a wolf when the moon was full. Welcome to my Choose Your Own Adventure type TF series! It follows this girl, Naomi! You get to choose what happens to her! Most people seem to enjoy this kind of thing, so here you go. People come into your jungle and you get to decide what to do about it. With the new infrastructure, researchers working on two-legged disaster response robots can test them on a 30-mph treadmill studded with obstacles or on a stair-stepped “robot playground” …. Summary: “Seven Years Ago, Paw Patrol split up due to a tragic event that took the life of their owner, Ryder. DeviantArt, a social network of artists and art enthusiasts that claims to have 61 members, has launched its own AI art generator. - 1 vote per Deviant per change (once you vote/ put an idea down you have to wait) - and the main rule have fun back:Choose Your Own change: older model beginning:Choose Your Own Change start next: Choose Your Own change: funny hat. Transform Your Ideas into Reality with GoAnimate. Therefore, it’s critical you know how to replace it immediately. I keep wanting to do a more elaborate Twine, so. Frank and Suzanne Hicks have tons of space, tons of shade and some beautiful trees in their backyard - and now they want to transform that space so they Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Latest View All Radi. How to Post on DeviantArt (All Content Types). Now we move on to art found on Twitter and FurAffinity From @FujoshiiNeko comes a Lycanroc sequence and a donkey sequence. Include speech change Speech transformation (e. Choose Your Own Adventure (6/7). DeviantArt does not allow pornographic, sexually explicit and/or obscene material to be submitted; however, "tasteful" nudity is allowed, even as photographs. tf transformation animaltransformation animaltf cyoc choosethetransformation Description What seems like some harmless fun to this girl is considered an insult to the forest spirits, teaching her a lesson by turning her into. After that, create a title, informative description, tags that will help pull up your story in searches on DeviantArt's search engine, and select categories, the maturity filter, and any publishing options. (SCENE CHANGE) Chapter 2: Fun and Fear – Scene 5 (Skye’s POV) (Paw Patrol Status: 8 Alive, 0 Dead) DeviantArt Facebook DeviantArt Instagram DeviantArt …. A nearby building with a convenient awning provides you with a much needed respite from. Requirements to be a Customizer Freak: - You are expected to have a sound knowledge of deviantART customization. Mind Control Interactive Stories. choose your own change 1 / tg by loicas on DeviantArt. Some different types of transformers are power transformers, potential transformers, audio transformers and output transformers. Formerly known as the Squeeky Clean Furry Archive, it presented itself as the benchmark in its class for the last ten years, due in part to the rising skill level required for admission. There will only be four characters in this choose-your-own, female kid, male kid, male teenager, female teenager. Warner Brothers lot [Burbank, CA] – A morning in mid-December 2021 “We finally made it to Hollywood, girls!”. What kind of stories could develop in a world where literally anything could happen?. Feel free to record your choices for each section in the comments for that page, although this one is more of a 'payoffs' page. You had a strange dream last night, and you woke up with the feeling that something was going to change. She could carry on a conversation with anyone, putting them perfectly at ease in moments. Choose Your Own change: geeky. But, the best part is the combos at the very end. sh storage that DeviantArt supports. (SFW toggle available in-game) Complete! (Fully released on 4/28/23) (Unplayed) Focused on F -> anthro mouse TF, but the various routes also contain gender bending, expansion, micro, and a variety of other themes. You can't stop looking down at your breasts, and rubbing your crotch. Explore the interactive collection - the favourite images chosen by azertyran on DeviantArt. Psychology of transformation fiction. Want to discover art related to chooseyourownadventure?. With an array of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, you can easily. A transformer’s function is to maintain a current of electricity by transferring energy between two or more circuits. AI Adoptable #00116 Unbound-Curiosities Watch. Tsunades New Help Original Script. TG/TF Choose your own adventure (Male start). 50% off for a limited time! Deviation. She enticed me by promising to turn me into a doll of her own choosing. Check out WillOBrien's art on DeviantArt. Choose Your Own Change; Transfur; Visible Time--Age Transformation Scenes; TF Spot; Wolf's Eyebrow;. Having said that, I will also say these videos are uniquely evocative (and perhaps provocative) in showing the process of sexual maturation. - 1 vote per Deviant per change (once you vote/ put an idea down you have to wait) - and the main rule have fun back:Choose Your Own Change : bimbo beginning:Choose Your Own Change start next: Choose Your Own change:rebimbo. Choose Your Own Zelda-Masks, Anyone? It had been odd, coming back to Kakariko Village. choose your own transformation. It's all text and has a lot of other things but cyoc. (It can be in terms of Q&As, providing helpful tips, etc. DeviantArt">TheAlexisTempor User Profile. (add another if you’d like, but not guaranteed) 2) copy the change category options right here: — __ Hair: Age: Clothes: Body: Gender: Mental: Extra: Likes: Dislikes: __ 3) add as many changes as you like. Then suddenly they appeared out from behind the trees, knights of the diabolic Enslaver, Lars and his men. Explore the choose your own adventure Sir Edward the 3rd collection - the favourite images chosen by ooohuummmm on DeviantArt. You Might Like… Featured in Groups …. You're visting an archaeology museum. Choose Your Own Adventure Start. A tabletop roleplaying game system dedicated to transformation. You have your own place, money's not an issue. Explore the Best Chooseyourownadventure Art. Sunbrella outdoor cushions are a game-changer in this regard. There will only be four characters in this choose-your-own, female kid, male kid, male teenager, female …. Choose Your Own Change Cobalt Jade Website, The Crystals Story Site Dales Fun Stuff Deviant Art Lastest (AP /AR, Furry, TF, TG) Edmol-life El Goonish Shive Electric Morph Gallery Exiern (comic) Farhads TG Manga and Anime Page Female to Female Transformations Femurs TG Comics Fiction Branches Fiction Mania HispaTF Janas TG Manga & Anime Pages I. WITCHES!!! 366 Watchers 390 Deviations. Choose Your Adventure: Selkies by psto1464, literature. Erica looked at the strange girl before her. Choose Your Own Adventure (6/7) …. they want to play a nice little game with you and see what you choose. the school is going to offer you two decisions. A Screwfix worktop is an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish and durable workt. In today’s digital age, the way we consume news has undergone a significant transformation. In today’s digital age, photo editing has become an essential part of our lives. Pentru că avem nevoie de răspuns la toate întrebările ridicate, vă invit să urmăriți emisiunea „Prin tribunale ca prin viață” cu Mihaela Olaru. Choose your Transformation. Choose Your Own Adventure (4/7) This is part 4 of a 7 part choose your own adventure series. Feel free to record your choices for each section in the comments for that page! If you're liking this choose your own adventure, don't forget to favorite or comment! This is an interesting series in that I'm getting a lot more comments of people. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Nervously, you get out of bed, and quiet head down the stairs. choose your own change 4 / birth of the baby. View Commissions (Choose the Transformation) By. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, having access to a reliable program photo editor can make all the difference in transformi. Check out amazing genietransformation artwork on DeviantArt. To paint a picture of the era it was born in, the online creative community was. The mall has just been built by your house, so you decide to go check it out. The night was filled with a spectacular amount of color and energy, and you found yourself drawn to the unyielding atmosphere. Naturally, she went over to investigate. - If you don't already have a suitable enblens. New outfit that you design yourself or buy for your character is allowed. Transform Your Home with Behr Paint Color Choices. Com member that wishes to participate. You remember arriving to your new house with your parents and sister late last night and half asleep you quickly undressed and almost fell asleep before you could climb into bed. me is a new booru that somebody on /d/ made to catalogue TG …. Choose Your Own change: 4 years older (ending) by Lord. The next choices in each chain are 1 …. Pickles: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure. While you were walking in the sacred ground, you found a statue of a beautiful man holding a chalice that seemed to have a snake on top of it. LLConnorJames User Profile. Path: The Ragged Man (Lycanthrope). Digital learning is revolutionizing the way students learn and interact with their teachers and peers. You can also select the file from sta. Zelda frowned, but Link could see the gears turning in her head. That's why I've made this webapp to allow. You pause when something soft bushed past your leg. The first step in any kitchen cabinet transformation is selecting the right paint color. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. The image below is an early concept image I still had. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. Welcome everyone to my first ever “You choose the TF”! To celebrate 250 watchers, I’m letting you wonderful folks suggest what Ari should be turned into! This will not be exactly like other drawings of this sort, in which multiple changes are added to the same character, rather, each suggestion will be treated as a stand alone change, so feel free …. You Might Like… Choose Your Own Adventure #5. party engaged in, it led the site to become controversial and often criticized by …. Choose some girly colours/themes. Choose Your Own Transformation (preview) By. U go deeper u see your hands now touch the water and half of your body your hands change the fingers get thinner and longer and your nails start to grow. Choose Your Own Change!! Apr 18, 2013. Lets do this step by step! So 1 change at a time. Choose Your Own Change : black hair. From the classic 8-eye boot to the modern 1460 boot, Doc Martens have been a staple in fashion for decades. Published: Jun 16, 2017 607 Favourites 81 Comments 162. Want to discover art related to cyot? Check out amazing cyot artwork on DeviantArt. I do weird stuff, but not always. Choose your own adventure TG RP. One of the most important features to consider when choosing a video editor for your Ch. It has been administered by Changes for all of its existence, with moderator help from Drakkenfyre, although user registration was disabled in 2007 due to trolling on the forums; new members were invited by current members but are now. If you need to change your location, head to a website like weather. Naomi grew weaker and fell into a sort of daze. Transformation Survival Guide by Whammyman5 on DeviantArt. It is late afternoon when you finally reach the fair. Okay time to start the choose your adventure tg series. This is part 6 of a 7 part choose your own adventure series. The unauthorizedly scraped content was then published for anyone to view for free. The first part AND the poll is over on Patreon now. Check out amazing furrytransformation artwork on DeviantArt. Your body feels like it is moving all wrong, and the sun felt more intense on your skin. Beast/monsters CYOA *Werebeast FinalMaster Version 2. TFCentral - Free Web host and art/writing archive for the transformation community. In the Mirror: A magic mirror with twisted wishes ; The students of transformation U: Choose a student as they go through various changes while finding something to do on campus. Stands for "Choose your own change". Choose Your Own TG Adventure! 2K Special!. Adventures of You: LOCH (F2M Edition) Content Warning, graphic depictions of female to male transformation. ; No real life: [M2BBW, WG, humiliation, slob, flatulence] ; Magical board game: You just bought a board game with a djinn trap inside. Ava has gotten her phone bill and it is not pretty.