Cheater Levi X Emotionless Reader Shingeki no Kyojin au | Reader Petra Ral Levi Ackerman | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Levi Levi X Reader Levi Ackerman X Reader. "Don't blame yourself, Levi,it wasn't your faulth. For a while, (Y/n) had suspicions her dear fiance, Levi was cheating on her. Chapter 2: Emotionless!Reader x Cheater!Regretful!Levi Chapter Text. ¬ Would definitely threaten to tickle you until you’re crying of laughter. SNK/AOT belongs to Hajime Isayama. What she loves more is playing Minecraft. ⚠️18+ CONTENT⚠️ (Sex, swearing, violence) A collection of Levi X Reader, one shots. Reader x Levi – Quickie!Night Terrors You twist and turn, trying to change the hot air underneath the covers for that cooler one outside. Caught (Cheater!Levi x reader)Wattys 2017. I sniffled a little, and mustered up a big smile as I hugged Levi, who seemed to shrug it off and chuckled dryly. Her eyes a deep brown, her smile bright enough to make you understand why Levi would do this to you. A song a day (Chapter Four)(Cheater!Levi x Reader). "S-sorry," I muttered back in response, to have the male pat my head lightly. I became number one, and asigned the Survey Corps. Even if this person was a stranger to me, I didn't care. 33 pages Completed September 2, 2016 シンデレラ. Levi Ackerman x Seme!Male!Reader. Feeling a slight chill, he looked to the balcony and saw the glass sliding door open. Stripper!Levi x Male!Reader part 2. Except if you're [Name], the loyal, kindhearted girl who has stood by his side for two and a half years. See a recent post on Tumblr from @animexts about denki x reader. Love me and only me |Cheater reader x yandere levi| 46 pages August 2, 2020 VV. Sep 24, 2016 - Read Emotionless - Levi x Reader from the story Levi Ackerman x Reader OneShots by cookieROCKS18 (cookie) with 8,362 reads. So when she decides to join the attackontitan. [Cheater! Sasuke x Reader] He cheated. Emotionless!Reader x Cheater! Regretful!Levi. Please don't take my sunshine away. Little Do You Know [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader) ~Listen to song while reading [link]~ Little do you know How I'm breaking while you fall asleep The loud noise …. Emotionless!Reader X Cheater. Read wrestler levi x reader from the story Levi x Reader (Completed) by marydiva_17 (Mary) with 2,771 reads. (M/N) laughed softly and replied, “I’d say you’re just afraid that I’ll kill more titans than you. " (F/n), it's time for dinner!" "Coming!" She replied, setting down the duster she had. Sasuke's always scolding me for saving them and getting hurt instead of them. You pulled him out and showed him the light. 127 hours ~ Levi Ackerman x reader by Natural selection 15. I fake coughed and shook my head, to return to the real world as I walked down the stairs, and looked around the kitchen that I had cleaned perfectly the night before. Cheater x reader quotev app instruction – Nicole Williams">Cheater x reader quotev app instruction – Nicole Williams. “Levi, let’s get you cleaned up,” you said, knowing you needed to clean his wounds from the fall. A breathless Armin arrived, carrying a piece of bread and a potato. Ackerman (Levi Ackerman x Pregnant! Reader) Masterlist. Abusive Female Adam x Male Reader. Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin)/Reader; Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) Reader; Cheater! Au; Cheater! Levi; Cheater! Reader; Romance; no angst i promise; In this story at least hehe; Female Characters; Summary. cheater shinso x reader的原因和症狀,在YOUTUBE、PINTEREST和這樣回答,找cheater shinso x reader在在YOUTUBE、PINTEREST就來醫院診所網路醫療資訊站,有 台灣e院的回答. “Unless you’re a titan, like Eren. I-I never meant to hurt you, I PROMISE I CAN CHANGE! Please, just stay with me, stay and I swear I'll never hurt you ever again. You brushed your fingers back through the ends of his raven hair – conveying all you felt for him in that one, small act. you snap as you struggle to fight his grip off of you. Chapter 2: Teaching you a lesson Chapter Text. Here is the book where I'll be hosting this! This is based off of a one-shot by me in one of my one-shot books. ♡ I havent seen many of these, but I wanna make one of my own. “L-Levi…I’m sorry I didn’t know I-I-“. A/N: Special fic for the 100th view on my page! Whoop whoop! I feel so nice :3. 30 pages September 17, 2018 yuchee. 2) Give Them Symbols of Emotion. Newer chapters won't be about …. Read stories about #adventure, #cedric, and #cedricdiggory on Wattpad, recommended by OH_Excuse_Me. All the Scouts were finally able to train outside, dry, and not have to get drenched in the pouring rain. Over You” No, we don't know how to say goodbye. The sky was blue and dull, losing its overall charm in your eyes. Like a normal couple, you both argued and bickered but your love for each other still remained strong, or so you thought. Cheater! Naruto Various X Reader. season 4 eren x reader的推薦與評價,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找season 4 eren x reader在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來最新趨勢觀測站,有 網紅們這樣回答. From the day they met, Levi had a soft spot for her. [Cheater!Levi Ackerman X F!Reader||Modern!AU] The stoic, hardhearted Levi Ackerman is a hard man to love. Read the most popular emotionlessreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Chapter 3: Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader Chapter Text. ymir x reader ymir x reader mikasa x reader levi x reader hange x reader. *Strong Sexual Content* **All charac levixreaderdepressed lemon levish +12 more # 3 Married to Ackerman (Levi x Reader) by Veeee 158K 3. 17 June 2037: On the anniversary of the Sina school shooting that changed the landscape of video gaming and gun possession, President Erwin Smith delivered an emotional speech regarding how far legislation has advanced to …. 2K 349 10 Thinking this was it, you were going to die you let out a scream. Reader Is A Stand User (JoJo) Reader-Insert. He was nice enough to drag me over here without knowing me, and away from Levi. aot, levixreader, leviackerman. " He turned his back to me and I sighed silently, letting my whole back fall on the bed again. 6K 200 2 One-Shot cheaterlevi xreader snk +7 more # 2 Strong girls cry too (Cheater! Lev by 방탄소년단 3. Levi X Reader Sad Stories. # attackontitan # cheater # lévi # modern # petra # reader Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader 26. After 3 years of dating Levi, he finds out Levi has been cheating on him for 1 year with his best friend Armin and co-worker Oluo Bozado. He exceeded the title and proved himself worthy of the title, however there is one who rivals him. Protector | Levi Ackerman x Reader. (F/n) was a young girl when she made it out of the Underground where she grew up. Emotionless!Reader X Cheater!Levi PART 2. He is also so singularly driven that it makes him difficult to relate to and at times dangerously unimaginative in his decision-making. Why? (Cheater!Levi x Reader) PART II. The Aftermath (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU 1. modern, attackontitan, read Reviews: So Cold [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader) Listen to this while reading: Click Here Her face glowed from the light source of the small screen. Same as the way it was before you fell asleep. With a long past with Humanities Strongest Soldier, you begin to. (( Cheater ! Levi x Reader )) ((Modern)) Cheaters will always get caught. The fear that you were about to cheat on him. Having enough of his 'late night shifts', (Y/n) decides to investigate. but is soon healed by a man who will lift …. 33 pages September 8, 2019 sᴏᴘʜ. I noticed little things Browse. I’ve been meaning to tell you this since my life’s …. I banged my head against my desk. Levi x Reader] [AU] 109 pages January 6, 2020 anna. Levi X Reader from the story Levi x Reader (ONE-SHOTS) by AlpineBreadStick with 1,568 reads. #1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. A/n: This is my first story, Enjoy!! You know Levi is cheating on you. Cheater Rwby X Male Emotionless Reader X Creepypasta Girls. ¬ “If you don’t stop that I’ll tickle you until you cry of laughing, near enough pissing yourself. Discover more posts about kirishima smut, bnha bakugou, mha x reader, bnha smut, mha smut, mha kirishima, and denki x …. You seek out, only to get into the hands of another yandere. aot snk attack on titan shingeki no kyojin levi levi ackerman fluff x reader levi And do you know about the whole cheating thing?” With a sip . You kept your eyes on Levi's desk instead of looking directly at his face. "Levi, I got something to help make you go back to normal faster!" She said, peeking inside but seeing that he was busy. On the day of your boyfriend's birthday, you wanted to surprise him in his apartment. Levi on top of his secretary, both naked. Ink was standing there with a big smile. One way that you can convey emotional weight with an emotionless character is to give them physical outlets for expression. I'm not very good with summories so its just basicly Levi cheating on you with your bestfriend petra :/. With the help of the NHR's top five soldiers, humanity turned the tide and won the war. cheater levi shingeki no kyojin shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction shingeki no kyoujin x reader shingeki no kyoujin imagine snk angst suz. "My family is- was, cursed with a special power before the human race began to perish. levi ackerman smut #levi ackerman x reader smut #tw cheating . And then , what do you do? Leave? If only it was that easy though. Part 2 of Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader stories; …. Emotionless!Reader x Cheater!Regretful!Levi Sat, Apr 25, 2015 Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader Mon, Apr 27, 2015 Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader Part 2 Fri, May 1, 2015 You Promised Part 2 Sun, May 10, 2015 Troublemaker!Smart x Levi Sat, May 16, 2015 HOLY SHIT A/N Sun, May 24, 2015 A/N. Reader | Fanfiction Realistic Romance Cheater Levi. The Aftermath (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU 5. //Kny//Aot//Levi x Yn Kamado by Y/N Ackerman. The genre will be boys love, love between the reader (as a boy) and Levi. Cheater Levi x Reader by sierraleone36 (Sierra Leone) with 10,715 reads. So here it is! Hope you enjoy! ♡ The same sad story, as if it had been written from the sad. After running from a long term relationship, leaving behind a ring you dreamt of forever, you’re left to rebuild in a new city on your own. The whole world turns upside down when one day reader's asked to patch up a special prisoner. This was supposed to be a collection of Levi x Reader oneshots (or twoshots, threeshots, it depends), but it eventually became a collection of random stories where Levi is …. Suddenly you heard a phone ring. #levi ackerman x pregnant reader on Tumblr. You lay on your bed, curled up in a ball and heartbroken. You watched the still blooming night out from the hotel window in. While visiting Japan, Karolina voluntarily enters a Japanese Highschool, where she meets Jotaro Kujo, a tall, black haired and muscular teenager in her age. Levi stared at all the people from his spot, disrupting his walk. At the beginning you and Levi met right? But he hates you at first but in the middle he realize that having a wife like you will be OK with him then he was planning on confessing to you when someone shot him if you want to know who read the whole story till the end but I'll be adding OneShots too if you guys want Thank you and enjoy. The carriage rocked slowly down the cobbled streets, moving at a snail’s pace. I looked over to the sleeping figure beside me and I couldn't help but smile. Levi's face went completely red as he slowly shut his eyes and kissed back. Levi tried his best to get his girlfriend's son to eat. includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, simeon, barbatos &/x gn!reader (no pronouns . Reader Format Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack On Titan Pairing: Dog!Reader x Neko!Levi Genre: Fluffy Lime, Humor Summary: Erwin is a good looking man didn't want a wife or kid, but his house was far too big for one person and it made the man self-conscious. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Erwin S. Ever since you and Levi got together, she seemed to be more distant. You took a deep breath before entering his office. Read Emotionless!Reader x Cheater!Regretful!Levi from the story Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots by hecticPillager (pain) with 30700 reads. Of course, any gender can read this. 6K Views Listen to this while reading: Click Here Her face glowed from the light source of the small screen. "You're such a cheater Levi," you said. Eren put his hand on Levi's shoulder and whispered back, "if so, you're a perfect …. You slowly turn your head to face him, a slightly worried manner plastered on his normally stern face. The young (H/C)-ette glomped the older of the two, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. I stood from the bed and prepared our breakfast. Touch device users, explore by touch or. However, he wasn't going to let you escape his hands so …. Creepypasta X Emotionless Reader Fanfiction Stories. She is a pro at everything, building, parkour, and pvp. These objects serve as emotional symbols. 474 45 3 "Kita memang pernah berjanji untuk saling menerima dan memaafkan, tapi untuk kesalahanmu kali ini aku dengan senang hati untuk. Read Part 22 - Doll Levi x Reader from the story Levi x Reader by Yuna8896 with 3,670 reads. Read Emptiness from the story Where Are You? Don't Lie To Me. But then you had entered his life with open and understanding arms. I leaned against my arm, and continued typing away on my laptop, until I saw someone walk over, and cocked my head to the side to look at whoever was there, but firstly. Left in the early hours yesterday morning and hasn't been back since. Levi’s expression crumpled slightly, and he averted his eyes. A Lawyer With A Shithead (EMOTIONLESS!READER X CHEATER!LEVI …. Read stories about #anime, #attackontitan, and #academy on Wattpad, recommended by queenazuraine. Starstrukk (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU. "Yeah but when Levi?" I complained again, finishing his tie and going to make breakfast. It's another Monday morning and the one who woke us (girls) is none other than my best friend, Hanji Zoe. For example, symbols such as a picture of a loved one, a wilted flower, or a necklace. AOT Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Jean Levi Eren Petra X Reader Mikasa Attack On Titan X Reader It's been years since you've been dating Levi but what happens when Levi finally discovers you cheating on him with many people. Read HOLY SHIT A/N from the story Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots by hecticPillager (pain) with 5,003 reads. 'This damn midget can't do anything for himself?' You thought as you were bringing paperwork from your boyfriend, Levi, to Hanji Zoe. A Life Worth Living (Attack On …. I silently walked in the park, it was dark out, the lamp posts dimmed as I walked through the path walk. “Come in,” called Levi in his typically monotone voice. Levi and Reader are each stuck in their respective unhappy marriage, so …. Post to Your Profile Share via Email. Chapter 6: Troublemaker!Smart x Levi. The boy looked you over, smirking to himself. You raised x reader #eren jaeger angst #eren jaeger fanfiction #eren attack on titan. ">Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots. And just like, your perfect little paradise, came crashing down. So since I like cheater Levi X readers here's another one! Enjoy! Completed shingeki eren erenxreader +11 more # 3. Call Your Name [Levi x Petra x Rea by Isabella Lee. Levi, a human you thought you could trust. Isosceles (Tokyo Revengers X F! Reader) 55 parts. He was the new guy, Levi was his name and you had the delight of being forced into socializing with him. Jean breathes in loudly and coughs a bit. Cheater!Levi x Reader Off_Line. Each night you passed with him was intense and full with pleasure. What's life like for reader being a first year in high school and being pregnant but the father doe You may also like. I told to just call me (Name) you know. The Pain Made Me Strong ~ Levi x R by Wholeheartedly755. Read !Best Friend! Levi X !Dead! Reader (AU) from the story Levi x Reader (ONE-SHOTS) by AlpineBreadStick with 1,397 reads. Read Cheater Levi x reader from the story Levi x reader one-shots by fnaf_and_nekoYaoi87 (Disaunie young) with 542 reads. Here is the book where I'll be hosting this! This is based off of a one-shot by …. Levi Ackerman and (F/n)(L/n) were dating for about 2 years it wasn't long but they were happy, until he cheated with Petra Ral. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. 7K Views Please listen to this as you read!! WARNING FOR COARSE LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF ABUSE. I open my eyes effortlessly slowly at a time. Wearing black skinny jeans, (F/C) t-shirt with black combat boots, a leather jacket. [Male name] was feeding the horses, while his best friend Eren was cleaning up their shit. A foreign red haired girl soon captures the heart of 2 particular people with her amazing skill, rebellious attitude and beauty. Those three words could have saved him. Reader; Mention of Reader's husband; Mention of Levi's wife; cheater!au; Cheater!Levi; Cheater!Reader; Train Rides; Romance; No Angst; Levi is a writer - Freeform; Reader is a fan; Summary. Enjoy! Add to library 29 Discussion Suggest tags. Red flags had gone off inside your head as …. After she changes and does her morning routine, she goes to the mess hall for a late breakfast. He took a deep breath, inhaling slowly then out. Durchsuchen; Wattpad Originals Part 74 - Cheater Levi x Reader 2. Genshin Impact | Reader | Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Xiao Kazuha Aether Scaramouche Heizou Wanderer Hu Tao Genshin Impact. " eyes solemn and emotionless, heart numb to the laughed whispers and snickers of men and women that becomes static in her head. He saw a cat on his porch one day and it made him think of a possible …. Y/n's tragic past leads her to train herself using her father's old Survey Corps equipment, becoming a brilliant and independent soldier. She felt heartbroken, betrayed, and used. Your voice (Aot various x emotionless reader). "Nuh! She's my bestest of best friend!". Cheater!Levi; Changed!Reader; Levi was a colossal ass; Skanky Petra; sorry petra; Mike is there but you don't see him; Language: English Stats: Published: 2015-04-13 Words: 826 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 10 Kudos: 332 Bookmarks: 14 Hits: 12,627. I’ve been meaning to tell you this since my life’s begun. He looked at Hange and scowled. You began to cave in, beginning to laugh. One is because of Titans and the other is because of disease. Levi sighed and leant back in his chair …. "I-I'm so sorry, [Y/N], I was too late" Levi sniffed as I had my leg bitten off. I'm here (levi x Lonely! reader ) His eyes shine greater than the moon and stars ,his face was like a canvas ready to be used. Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titan, the characters, or the Reader. Feeling betrayed, you sought comfort in your best friend's care, hopeful for new beginnings. You were the daughter of a fearless mafia boss that was also rich and powerful at that time you were sixteen years old. Punish (Levi Ackerman x Reader) by gwineviere on DeviantArt. (y/n) watched him at the distance as his figure grew smaller and smaller until disappearing from sight, and her mind started wandering through. (Y/n) has never been able to truly smile in her life, ever since she was kidnapped, she's been completely broken when she was about a a couple years old. "Not tonight bud, don't think any girl would stoop as low as you," he joked, throwing an arm around Eren. and Acker Levi's Titan (Attack On Titan Fanfic) 32 parts. The breeze which once you felt . You didn’t return the kiss though, which irritated the Corporal, so he pulled back, raising his eyebrow at you. You we Levi's Titan (Attack On Titan Fanfic) 32 …. Y/n " so the song coming along well ". ynstories, shingekinokyojin, attackontitan. Cold Turkey (Cheater! 2p America x Reader) 20 pages March 24, 2020 Lalagirl979 Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Cheater America 2p 2p America 2p Hetalia 2ptalia X Reader Allen Jones. However, when three skeletons appear in her life out of nowhere, she needs a new strategy on how to get through her everyday life. As I finished, I hear his footsteps coming down the stairs. Sorry it’s confusing, but I hope you liked it anyway!. His Betrayal (Cheater!Levi x reader){one-shot} 102K 797 2. You have thanatophobia, a fear of death. 8 pages November 24, 2017 DarkRoses. Browse; Paid Stories Emotionless!Reader x Cheater!Regretful!Levi Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader. You were about to protest, but you stayed silent. While you get tortured by the military police to reveal the truth, Levi tries his best to prove your innocence. Weiss,Ruby,Blake,and Yang are your childhood friend and you are a secret person in team RWBY. Betrayed by her own husband, Levi Ackerman, owner of Ackerman Corp. She has to make a hard decision that will …. Bits of pieces soon come together, to form one. Steven Universe One Shots by Necr0misis. Bruises (Underground Levi x Reader). Emotionless (Levi Ackerman x. Part 2 of Cheater!Levi x Cheater!Reader stories; Language: English. Work Search: tip: words:100 17 Works in Cheating Levi Ackerman. You meet levi and Erwin and hanji and Mike the demon kill captain levi and commander Erwin and hanji the second commander and Mike The right hand to the commander The fo attackontitan. (Levi x Assassin!Reader) PLEASE READ A/N!. She wanted adventure, adrenaline. Cheated/Abused Team RWBYP X Male Reader - Chapter 1: First Day - Page 2 RWBY: Raven's Mistake (Cheater Raven X Male Reader) - ~Y/n Briggs Rwby Cheater x male reader list - Dragonsofchaos - Wattpad. For you it was the emotional and physical scars, some physical scars small, and some large, most of the scars came from your time in the military and the fight against the Titans, while you had one on your left side of the cheek, that came from home when your uncle attacked you with a knife in a drunken rage, the. Cheater Levi X Reader Quizzes. (F/n)=First name (M/n)=Middle name (L/n)=Last name (H/l)=Hair length (H/c)=Hair color (E/c)=Eye color I DO NOT OWN ATTACK ON TITAN OR THE COVER ART, BOTH BELONG TO H # aot # attackontitan # leviackerman # levixreader # …. Captain Levi of the Survey Corps is such a figure even in-story, a legendary slayer of Titans and a tireless, moral paragon of virtue. Get notified when Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots is updated. Chapter 1: (S)Boss!Levi Ackerman x Secretary!Reader - Because you earned it. I just coughed weakly in reply and let my back slide to his level, before I immaturely hugged his side tightly, and sniffed in it. He would always let me use some of the. he scowled, stomach twisting and heart empty as he glanced down to a different woman he proudly jason. Tomorrow was the day you planned to catch him. Literature Text A song a day (Chapter four) Cheater!Levi x Reader Levi Ackerman, Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin …. Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU. Give it a try ~ 🔞 One More Chance: Cheater!Levi X Reader A happy one until one faithful day While you were visiting Caught (Cheater!Levi x reader)Wattys 2017. Levi " to show my love to my kids favorite nanny that I love so much ". If it bothers you, exit the story. He is a seemingly tireless warrior. Levi and I have been together going on five years. Levi glared at her, "How could I what?" He smirked, "How could I throw away our relationship? It was easy, and you were so naive!" Levi mocked, crossing his arms. Levi sat with his back towards you, it was only when he felt you shift that he turned around - he knew you were awake. " Levi chuckles, crawling on the bed with you. (Yandere!Cheater x Reader) [Rewrite] On the outside, the famed Arcanum family seemed perfect and lovely; so much, that one …. This is a smutty Levi Ackerman x reader book, there's not much to say about it. Cheater!Levi x Reader - Chapter 1 - Off_Line - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own] Entire Work Next Chapter → Chapter Index Hide Creator's Style Share Download Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning : Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Category: Multi Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Relationships:. A Lawyer With A Shithead (EMOTIONLESS!READER X CHEATER!LEVI) Random. Mar 31, 2018 - Read chapter 01: Moving on from the story One More Chance: Cheater!Levi X Reader by WinterSoot (Aly) with 24502 reads. AOT | Reader | Realistic Levi Angst Cheater Playing | Reader | Realistic Levi Angst Cheater Playing. Your older brother Jake invited you to move in with him and his friends. You pouted, not giving into him. Wrong Lover (Yandere Cheater Boyfriend x Female reader) 171 pages June 7, 2020 BeingWise. Levi immediately turned his attention to the habitat with the tiger neko. "I'm going to collapse," Connie whined. ” You mumbled to yourself, trying not to start hyperventilating. [Levi x female reader] It's the year 843. You Promised Part 2 Sun, May 10, 2015. The atmosphere itself was filled with pressure and burden. I immediately covered my tear stained face, with my hands before muttering a loud. Upon meeting infamous Levi Ackerman, a …. You and Levi pulled out your swords and looked at each other. 6K 282 by hecticPillager This was requested by Geneweeb!. " I looked at him; he's panting and trying his best to catch his breath. Smart Living Transform Your Home with These Cutting-Edge Gadgets. This made his heart flutter in his chest as he heard her gentle laughter. Browse; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys. You ignored her and kept reading chapter 5 of your book until Sasha decided to drag you by the feet. levixreaders, ynstories, shingekino. Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Relationships: Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin)/Reader Levi/Reader Eren Yeager/Reader Character: The whole cast Additional …. # 1 Let Her Go (Cheater Levi x Reader) by Freddy Eats Pies 8. Levi x Reader #aot #attackontitan #cheater #cheaterlevi #cheating #levixreader #married #sadreader #snk. Read A/N NSNFMDM BOOK from the story Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots by hecticPillager (pain) with 2,578 reads. attackontitan, leviackerman, aot. Chapter 2: Emotionless!Reader x Cheater!Regretful!Levi. After his family was killed by his brother Itachi, he became a cold harsh human being who had lost all of the love he had left in his life. " A (e/c) eyed girl quietly sang to herself as she cleaned her dorm in the Scouts' HQ. Terrible Love (Chapter Three) Levi x Reader x Eren During the return to the headquarters, certain soldiers had so much racing in their minds. She is the most loving woman in the world. Levi looked at his phone, then at the place in front of him. Akio and Shouto, on their way to U. Just as I was about to leave my row of tables, Mr. But as time goes on you find out Levi, your old lover, is the Lance Corporal of the Scout Regiment. Levi’s lips press against your jawbone and he makes his way down your neck, and to your collarbone. Petra, his PA, was your first suspect as the two were quite close, but no. These were words to describe both (Y/N), a human girl, and Douma, the Upper Moon 2. Stop hurting me like this!" You snapped. ATTENTION: The reader will have a preselected feature of being a young, adopted male, a (no blood relation) brother to Levi. Read Cheater! Levi x Reader [3] from the story [AOT] All About Levi Ackerman (Oneshots, Head canons, Etc. "You can't have her, mine!" Levi stated like a child, as he held (f/n) in his arms, dodging all of Erwin's attempts to get her from the short lance corporal. Reader | Romance Team Rwby Ruby Blake Yang Weiss. I do not own any of the pictures used in this. And t Karma- Cheater!Levi x Reader. It had started with a test and a phone call. It snorted, as if telling you that it’ll be fine too. Your voice (Aot various x emotionless reader) You shook you head as a sign of saying no to Sasha when she begged you to join them on playing a game. You’re supposed to kiss the fuck back, brat. RANKING: #835 in LeviAckerman. Levi/Reader; Eren Yeager/Reader; Character: The whole cast; Additional Tags: Cheater!Levi x Reader Off_Line. Levi Ackerman x Reader (Smuts & Lemons). Levi looked in horror as he saw you collapsed on the floor, bleeding from your nose. He was a strong soldier, but deadly and emotionless. 1h 14m Start reading hecticPillager Ongoing Originally a series of oneshots in which cheating takes place. "C'mon, (y/n)! It'll be fun!" She begged. Read You promised from the story Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots by hecticPillager (pain) with 28,578 reads. Cheated!Eren x Heart Broken!Reader x Levi {Modern!AU} My minds at a race and my …. Attack on Titan | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Death Fun Sad Manga Zombies Science Fiction Levi X Reader. RATED MA! HEAVY R HEAVY R HEAVY R LEMON YAOI THREESOME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. He had to get you away from here, so nobody could ever find you, and he could keep you all to himself. Levi x Reader] [AU] She has been married to him for so much time now; to the man of her dreams, Levi Ackerman. The first time you both met was when you tried to run away from your parents they wanted you dead ,they didn't want a child who was useless and always in the way your sister was the special one ,you ran in the …. ” For some reason, Erwin looks victorious. The Letter (Suspected Cheater!Levi x Reader) Modern AU. He didn't know what to expect when he was around you. The Tale of Two Siblings (Reader as Todoroki's Brother) Akio, the sibling of Shouto, have applied into the notorious school for all future heroes, U. She and Levi are expecting a child and are so happy. There, silence hung in the air, until footsteps echoed the room. cheating ) and then he starts yelling and tells her to get out. "L- Levi what are you-" I cut my y/n off by planting my lips onto hers, kissing her hungrily. "Get lost!" A crash could be heard as Eren ran from the room. There was an unusual pep in everyone's step after training outdoors. You see him, Over the counter, Looking at his fists. Shattered {Cheater Levi x Depressed Reader} AU. Levi hopped off his horse and the two horses ran away in fear of the tremondous monster. Titan Beauty (Levi Ackerman x Reader) 522 pages June 16, 2020 PotatoGirl. It was silent frustration laced with a few curses that slipped out, though deadened since his face was stuffed into your chest. Cheater!Levi X Reader [One Shot-AU] You consumed your love with him with an ardent passion. I've got to admit, he's cute when he's like that. Speak [Levi|F!Mute!Reader] You sat staring up at the brunette, your shocked expression reflecting off of her trademark glasses. from the story Cheater!Levi X Reader Oneshots by hecticPillager (pain) with 2,386 reads. lovestory, leviackerman, fanfiction. But your first love can't be forgotten mostly if it ended in such a tragic way. Unspoken Part 1 Levi x Reader Short first part but please bear with it, the set-up is important in this one! (Also Reader and Levi go head to head in a sparring match! *Yay*) “Ohshitohshitohshit…. WE ACTUALLY REACHED A 1K VIEWS. tokyo revengers x reader headcanons/scenarios ♡. But when [Name] finds out about Levi's dirty games and seemingly leaves him for good, what will he do?. Mrs Ackerman (Cheater! Levi X Reader) Chapter 3: Epilogue. Reader | Fanfiction Short Stories One Shot Levi X Reader Short "You whore!" "Get out of here you slut!" "Hey baby, want to come over to my place, …. It was the first time the corporal spoke your first name. Other than that, their relationship was kept a complete secret from the other cadets and those outside of base. When Levi laid on the bed, you turned towards him and wrapped your arms around him. At least that is what the famous …. He turned to look at you, tears threatening to spill over onto his own cheeks. ” You dropped the gift bag at Levi’s side. See a recent post on Tumblr from @astridthevalkyrie about mha x reader. "(Y/N)," Levi said in a low voice. You are the most powerful ninja in the world but you don't see it. #attackontitan #cheater #lévi #modern #petra #reader. Read Cheater!Levi x Reader *request* pt. The once blinding light of life dimmed as she continued forward, the thought of her long lost accom You may also like. "SOMEBODY FIND HER!" Levi's voice was heard as everyone went down to grab (F/n). You put her toys next to her and closed the car door and that when Levi kissed you on the lips. Levi X Reader: 'Listen Here' by NewFoundStory on DeviantArt. #1 in narutocast #3 in modernsasuke #5 in yanderesasuke "I don't care if we are mates or not. I was gonna get off of work early to-. Attack on Titan | Eren Jaeger Levi Ackerman | Anime/Manga Levi X Eren Perfect Mistake Levi Eren Modern Au. Levi x Reader Family one shots Fanfiction. I smiled at him with amusement and he took it as an insult. Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin)/Reader; Levi/Reader; Eren Yeager/Reader; Character: The whole cast; Additional Tags: this is pretty old; still trying to write for it though; Language: English Stats: Published: 2019-02-17 Updated: 2019-06-07 Words: 9,122 Chapters: 9/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 91 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 5,595. Attack on Titan Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Cheater Lies Modern Levi Angst Au Ackerman Levi …. Stay With Me (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU.