Backrooms Level 33 Barely any sense of continuity exists here. All Inside the Backrooms Entities. Includes a Nav Mesh and AI Nodes Level 1 Backrooms. Made in a couple days as a simple project to keep me working on something. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. September 23, 1996https://youtu. 【backrooms】后室 level C-307 拥有自我意识的层级. You're going into the backrooms. Regardless, one should expect a relatively easy journey when traveling through levels designated as Class 1. Level 699 is a safe haven that has achieved a mythical status, only known through rumors and old legends before the discovery of the azure pools on November 18th, 2015. Level 0 - Walkthrough in 4K | Escape The BackroomsGame Description:Explore the seemingly infinite expanse of eerily familiar levels in the backrooms based on. Level 44: “Under the Ice”. DescriptionDiscovered by Gary, Level 333, aptly named "The Liminscapes," is an anomalous space consisting of seven areas of varying sizes, though more may be added on to the count as the investigations undergo. 1 will send you to Level ! or Level 0. PlinkoMan101001 · 8h in Writing/Wikitext. This level houses several unique entities that collectively form an ecological system which, while self-sufficient, is particularly effective at entrapping humans via manipulation of the psyche. Level 22, also known as “Parking Hub”, resembles a parking lot garage with multiple floors that stretch for approximately 500 square kilometres. Level 26, known as the current 27 th level located within The Backrooms, is an intriguing space that poses great danger to those who venture into it. This is the only official Escape The …. of the level will appear, as well as pixelating the region it covers. Lancelot Chen/Finite Liminality Backrooms Wiki. It moves stealthily, and has the ability to camouflage itself. This level should have a page, it is known as the "Lean Level" and acts just like Level 37 except the pool is purple and contains very harmful bacteria and viruses. These threats can range from a minimal number of entities/hazards, to the layout of a level being slightly difficult to survive in. By the way there was not even single one photo there was free photos have this same line said the photo was taken in a 70s post office building on the 8th floor that's what it was actually taken at and we don't know where this place at some people think it is in New York and by the way dirty sketchy sketchy website let me to the bathrooms image there was …. entrance: #1 the hub sub level enter by going through the door labeled ''im ready'' #2 small chance by no-clipping through the floor in level 4. However, soon after, the wanderer fell into the void and woke up where they had first fallen asleep. com/kanepixelsVA - Madisonhttps://youtu. Each room is numbered from 1 to ∞. However, what is known is that Level 43 seemingly first “opened” in 1991, as an “attraction” for both wanderers and Entities within the Backrooms. Level 332, otherwise known as "The Long Haul", is a level consisting of a massive white hallway made entirely out of a smooth and beautiful yet unknown material, with only a certain wall below the pillars being made out of white, smooth bricks. kittys house) through a found footage style video. And I've been searching for 2+ hours, anyone got an idea where the exit for level 33 is?. Single of Ambient Lo - Fi Hip - Hop done by the Spanish producer, rapper and singer Piem Ión inspired by the Backrooms level of the same name. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. 5 grams within the United States. Each room/level contains its own array of beasts, monsters, and/or entities. com/watch?v=kq4GMKFpS6s "If you're not careful and no-clip out of reality in wrong areas, you'll end up in t. As of June 2014, it costs 70 cents to mail a standard letter weighing 33. The disease, as previously mentioned, lurks around untreated bodies of water, but it appears more inside abandoned pools. Level 1 is a massive warehouse with concrete floors and walls, exposed rebar, dim fluorescent lights placed on the walls, and a low-hanging fog with no discernible source. Level 44 is the 45th level of the Backrooms. The cold atmosphere and the magnificent scene on the snow-covered desert. We find new footage in Backrooms!☞ Subscribe & click the bell Subscribe https://www. The level can be seen as a "final challenge" before the player reaches The End, especially when looking at the spawn rates. Going through slides that seem they can't lead to anywhere can lead one to Level 688, Level 71, Level 37. The Hydrolitis Plague, also referred to as just Hydrolitis, is a bacterium currently located on water-related levels. These accustomed tunnels are constantly …. In June 2020, Sam Feder’s documentary, Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen (2020), debuted on Netflix. Prototype version of a VHS / PS1 / CRT style liminal Backrooms generator. It is a large control room with multiple computers, circuits, switches and buttons on the switch boards. 2] Описание Backrooms - это место в которое вы не хотели попадать. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Community. Level -33; Level 9223372036854775807; The Promised Land; Level 389; Levels; Community. BONE之BONE的后室大冒险第1集!我掉进了一个奇怪的空间!在这里大呼小叫的后果就是…,【Backrooms】后室 level C-117 - “健康恐怖主义” 吃甜食就会被变成面包,【Backrooms】后室 隐秘层级 lavl c-☺ 我好想出去,爸爸来带我回家。,坚持住!. Entering a set of out of place glass doors, such as a set of glass doors in a small hotel room, or touching anything that features a segmented display such as a clock will send you to Level -560. The level's geometry can be categorized as stable, and euclidean, as no reports of strange geometries have ever been discovered. In this video I go over Backrooms level 33, which is a mall that keeps getting worse the deeper you go yeeee (👍 ͡ ̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ͡ ̿ ̿ )👍Level 33:http. 0协议原作者未知。重写者:1000dumplings。翻译者:plAer-2, 视频播放量 36670、弹幕量 97、点赞数 1243、投硬币枚数 54、收藏人数 299、转发人数 19, 视频作者 北方の苟子, 作者简介 妄图在短暂的生命中寻求捷径的铑铯铍,相关视频:【Backrooms】7号实体:杰瑞 蛊惑之妖鸟,【backrooms】流浪者的. For instance, the lights in the room will flicker and occasionally go out. Entering a set of out of place glass doors, such …. 01 is a sub-level located between Level 0 and Level 1 of the Backrooms. Full summary on Level ! of the Backrooms - "Run For Your Life!". backrooms-archive; additional_collections. :)Music used: Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- OST: Mall. Level -14, otherwise known as " White Segmentation ," is an infinitely interconnected system of randomly generated rooms each connected by a white door. this level is invincible because it's a clone of level hell and more protected. 5, also known as Floaters, is an unreleased Level. Backrooms Level 33 ("The Chasm") Backrooms Level 34: "Elven Footpath" Backrooms Level 35: "The Spectral Garden" Backrooms Level 36: "Stardust Spires" Backrooms Level 37: "The Fractured Reality" Backrooms Level 38: "The Unending Staircase" Backrooms Level 39: "The Phantom Purgatory". Descending through floors via no-clipping results in a sequential. Warts are growths on your skin that are quite contagious and very common, affecting 3 to 5% of adults. Một số cửa hàng đã bị đóng với một cánh. It is the one of the darkest levels, containing more industrial like architecture. 0:00 / 6:38 Introduction Level 33 "The Infinite Mall" [Backrooms Wikidot] Aliulo 5. “You Cheated, Someone is coming” is a sub-level of the backrooms level known as “You Cheated” People are sent to this level when they cheat the backrooms. Level 233 appears to be an infinitely large, flat, open plane. ly/3SPtJdpShrek in the Backrooms guides:https://youtube. Run For Your Life by HilamGhost. REALISTIC BACKROOMS LEVEL ! ADVENTURE. Despite their bland lack of furniture, they remain diverse. Level 2 is the darkest level of The Backrooms. Remember to check out the Wikitext Guide for useful coding information to make your pages stand out Level 754 ‣ "The Backrooms Core " Level 755 ‣ {NO DATA} Level 756 ‣ {NO DATA} Level 757 ‣ "Rose-Colored Glasses" Level 758 ‣ {NO DATA} Level 759 ‣ {NO DATA. Top free games tagged backrooms. Level 7: "Thalassophobia". Level 42, referred to as "Surreal Continuum" or "Reverberant Passage," is a seemingly never-ending urban hotel complex featuring multiple network corridors and hotel rooms beyond the doors on either side of the hall. To get into the Backrooms in Survival mode, get stuck in sand or gravel. One has to be very careful, as most of the items atop the junk piles are quite fragile and sometimes even corroded if metal. Up and down the escalators we go. Survival Difficulty: Class 0 »⠀Safe »⠀Stable »⠀Devoid of Entities Description Large hotel with several hotel rooms within, expanding through the endless snowscapes. Room -1 is completely black, though all objects have a neon green outline. Though it resembles the main part of. Majority but mainly on level (#): The entity is found on a majority of levels but mainly its main habitat / level. pixivで「Level! (backrooms)」のイラストを見る. A Level is a section of the Backrooms separate from all others. Are you the kind of person who notices when things look a little off in the homes of friends and family? It could be a set of drawers that’s impossible to open, a ventilation pipe leading nowhere, or even a bathtub that’s located, for whate. They are typically divided by a door, floor, or can only be accessed by no-clipping. This level appears as long service tunnels with pipes lining the walls. Entrance: Looking behind you in levels above 271 can lead to here. All positive real numbers have two real square roots, one positive and one negative. Random Backrooms Level Selector. 16/05/1999The creator of the footage is unknown. Level 99 is the 100 th level of the Backrooms, twisted and entangled with a collection of levels mainly found in Cluster I, Cluster -I, and potentially a few Anomalous Levels. Level 33 is my personal favorite level of The Backrooms and it fe. It is instead scarcely referred to as a location, otherwise just known as it's primary name. Level 70 is the 71 st level of the Backrooms. There’s no one for-sure way for someone to enter the Backrooms. Infinite, random level generation (over 600 million sq. The Backrooms Poolrooms Explained (My new favorite level). Backrooms level INFINITY is strange…. Rating 41 to 70: Wanderers were sent to either Level -33, or Level 699. The first floor consists of a reception center, with a waiting place full of chairs made of blue plaid fabric, where a mythological creature. The 'Control Room' is belived to be the true way to control the backrooms. A fourth-stage Wretch found on Level 1. What Is a Business Bank Account?. Rules & Guides Levels Entities Objects Groups POIs Canons Tales Feel free to create more pages by clicking on the red links and helping make the list updated! > Open Definition > Close Definition What Are Levels? Levels are diverse in size, stability, and safety, and are the blueprint of the Backrooms. Level920808968 梦之遗迹【后室解说】,Level 29 海波利亚,【backrooms】后室 level 909 - “感官剥夺” 流浪者这里存在人类转 …. AVOID BACKROOMS LEVEL 35!. Backrooms Level 33 ("The Chasm") Oh boy, Level 33, an unsettling moniker, "The Chasm," that paints a pretty clear picture, right? An abyss-like territory where 'up' and 'down' aren't just directions, they're infinite. Popped balloons, deflated balloons, unpopped balloons, and birthday cakes can be found all around the level. 【Backrooms】后室 level C-22 “犯罪现场”,无限循环的犯罪现场,你会怎么做。. Similar to Level 0, the Manila Room …. The tunnels are lined with evenly-spaced doors, the design of each one representing the respective level that it …. 093-CC manifests itself as a phenomena of seemingly random users occasionally posting an image of Level 93. It first released in August 2022. This one is really accurate and I really don’t want …. 8 an endless bridge in a forest. Now imagine another room, and another, and another. The Backrooms are a set of small levels that are connected to each other by secret passageways. 3 is an edited and dimmer version of Level 0 that has a strong dark fog and eerie orange lights. Level 15, informally known as "Futuristic Halls," is a maze-like labyrinthine structure of immaculate, futuristic corridors. The level’s architecture is irregular and exotic, but it induces. Level 906, also known as the Infinite Library, is the 907th level of The Backrooms, and its largest source of books. The second floor presents more closed shops. Enter The Backrooms > General Discussions > Topic Details. Level 33 is the 34th level of Enter the Backrooms, and the final main level in Enter the Backrooms. Rating 21 to 30: Wanderers were sent to either Level 4 or Level 11. Imagine an old fashioned pool with hand laid tile everywhere. The Animated King doesn't become hostile until you …. The hospital is also illuminated by green lights that. exits: getting attacked by entity 67-z #2 surviving 1 hour in a chase from the ''mr crabs'' entity. Level 44, often referred to as the “Iceways”, is a seemingly endless series of tight, interconnected tunnels and rooms composed entirely of ice. Alternate Continuity: Avatars of the Pillars even exist in other interpretations of The Backrooms, including the Fandom wiki. 0协议译者:plAer-2, 视频播放量 50653、弹幕量 95、点赞数 1300、投硬币枚数 102、收藏人数 522、转发人数 18, 视频作者 北方の苟子, 作者简介 妄图在短暂的生命中寻求捷径的铑铯铍,相关视频:不想死就——快躲. Level 9, known as "Darkened Suburbs" or "The Suburbs" is an expansive, winding network of paved asphalt roads and residential homes, resembling a modern suburban neighborhood. While it has been linked to various rumored levels, it is unknown whether it has any levels truly related to it. Level 9 is the 10th level of the Backrooms, and the first level beyond The Main Nine. It works with the latest version of Escape the Backrooms (as of today Feb 4th 2023). They vary wildly, from sprawling cave systems infested with entities to vast, relatively peaceful office-like Backrooms: The Backstage Of Reality Wiki Level -33. com/level-33If you want to support me, you can buy the track here : https://piemion. , an estimated 33 million adults have overactive bladder. Negative Levels are levels located below Level 0, designated with a negative symbol before their number. com/wiki/Backrooms_Wiki, http://backrooms-wiki. 1, AKA "Poolrooms," sometimes classified under a different level number (such as level 37), looks like a mad man's indoor, water …. Level 33 seems to be an empty shopping mall. Each area of this labyrinth is seemingly random. gg/9PT5AEnNByRecorded Video n°4Level 3 "Electrical Station"These videos are based of the backrooms wikidot with. 一个致力于分享后室的UP主,主要更新wiki版C层级喜欢的话就点一下关注吧,一天一更(誓要干倒生产队的驴!. Level heaven is the sub-level of Level hell. A False End is a secret and enigmatic level of the Backrooms. Here is the first of (hopefully) many videos which I made exploring the Backrooms levels. Level -3, also known as “Reflections”, appears to be an endless maze consisting of mirrors, soft grey carpets, which stretch throughout the entire level, and lights that flicker often at random intermittent intervals—typically every 7-12 minutes. While the exteriors of these items are frequently found damp, dust-covered, and dirty, the interiors of th. Wether you believe there is 1 level, 3 levels, or billions, it's up to you. Each building has a number on it, with some buildings having the same number. Curiously, the level is surrounded by a black abyss of some sorts, which many believe leads to Level 6, but this isn't …. El Nivel 37, comúnmente conocido como los Poolrooms, es un amplio complejo de salas y pasillos interconectados ligeramente sumergidos en agua ondulante y tibia. We round out our coverage of the game's opening level and look at all of the hidden items and location. It is typically considered an extension of Level 0. ),相关视频:【后室】请选择你的组织,【backrooms】后室当中的团体与组织介绍篇(第一期),【Backrooms后室】第1期-入坑必看基础知识介绍,【Backrooms】搞笑文章“后室拉屎指南",【Backrooms】后室入门介绍 level 0 “教学关卡”,【Backrooms】后室入门介绍 level. In today's crazy Creepypasta explained were looking at the Backrooms! This maze of gross yellow wallpaper and soggy carpets is filled with evil creatures tha. The Backrooms with 1000 levels is, on Wikidot or Liminal Archives, also good because it's an interesting prompt for location horror that has really good results a lot of the time like The Future,. The Almond Water is 2 feet deep, and it is not recommended to drink it, as it is extremely dirty and is contaminated with bacteria and many other things you wouldn't want to consume. After a long break and a lot of work, I'm almost finished with Level 33: The Infinite Mall. However, regardless of the room type one is in, there will be one. The impression was that the mall was dead and you were left …. Level !-! is a sub-layer of Level !. The Backrooms Level 1 is also known as The Habitable Zone. 遵循CC协议, 视频播放量 267146、弹幕量 189、点赞数 3393、投硬币枚数 484、收藏人数 3326、转发人数 135, 视频作者 老虎噗呲咔, 作者简介 如无必要 勿增实体,相关视频:【backrooms】后室 level 909 - “感官剥夺” 流浪者这里存在人类转换成生物 而且可能是无法逆转,都市怪谈Backrooms level 9223372036854775807. 颠倒医院,【backrooms】177 号 实体 “赐皮者”,都市怪谈Backrooms level 28 嵐石要塞 后房 后室,最危险的Level之一!. The interior architecture of the buildings consists predominantly of concrete, with the infrequent expansion of manifold white. Backrooms Poolrooms Explained (My new favorite level)">The Backrooms Poolrooms Explained (My new favorite level). Fandom Muthead Fanatical Follow Us. Level -382 consists of surreal, dreamlike biomes that resemble the landscapes of baseline reality. UPDATED VERSION IS OUT!!! https://www. 51K subscribers i tried again Level 109 -. The Backrooms | All Endings (Backrookms Archives Edition)Inspired by Doctor Sinister:https://youtu. com/track/--38 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. With 10 Computers, 5 Hidden Items. Level 38 is comprised of two areas. Regardless, one should expect a relatively easy journey when traveling through …. 🍞Hey everyone, WELCOME TO A BONUS VIDEO THIS WEEK!!!! This is the Negative Backrooms level Compilation! This video has the first 7 negative levels in it, ho. Clicking this box means you agreed to contribute to this assessment. The air surrounding its surface is constantly. Windows can be found, which are the source of light and show a orange or white void. Release] Escape the Backrooms (cheat table). Don't try to CHEAT in the Backrooms. The pipes cause the heat in Level 2 to reach immense temperatures, reportedly reaching 200 Fahrenheit (93 °C) and higher, …. Level 33 SURVIVAL DIFFICULTY:Class 2 level33good. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The objective of this Level is unknown, so we'll just have to wait and see. Uploaded only with historical and preservation purposes. The level is very diverse, and the appearance of each biome also changes in small detail from time to time that would slightly appeal to the wanderer's sense of familiarity, similarly to a dream. 流浪者声称这个楼层的外表是日托班,学前班,寝室,操场或是教室。. Level 727, otherwise known as "Urban Heaven" is an expansive monochrome skybox with an invisible concrete floor, that contains many abstract brick structures of varying height. Level -18 is a vast hotel that spans up to 100 floors, offering an expansive and often disorienting experience for explorers who venture into the Backrooms. To some, he is seen as a great hero. Click around for level files, as it may send you to a safer level. Whether or not the current levels containing an exit to the Frontrooms will remain is something that may change in the future. 0 Year 2023 on October 1, 2023 Single of Ambient Lo - Fi Hip - Hop done by the Spanish producer, rapper and singer Piem Ión inspired by the Backrooms level of the same name. The Level itself has spawned many theories, mostly on what it is. 280K subscribers in the backrooms community. 描述Level 37一般被称为水池房间,是一座延展得很广的、含有大量相互连接的房间和走廊的建筑综合体,它的底部一定程度地被不流动的、温热的水所覆盖。. The following number pairs have a product of 99: 1 x 99, 3 x 33, and 9 x 11. 5: "Liminal Illumination". The rides, entertainment venues, and food stands within …. The Backrooms If you're not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to …. hey all :) in this video I go over a DANGEROUS backrooms level called level 463, or the concrete wastes this one is INSANE, so i hope you enjoyedLevel 463. If one wishes to, they may listen to music or watch videos to entertain themselves. #3 small chance when first exiting level 0. Nevertheless, Safe Levels can still exhibit minor threats or hazards which can inflict minor damage to the physical and mental health of a wanderer. The Backrooms: Survival is a fresh and unique take on the Backrooms, and thus has some of its own original entities and levels, Different themes/level types with many different types of entities and items. This level is rumored to have full control over the backrooms, like making changes to the levels, creating new entites, and even DESTROY the Backrooms. Beware of the corrosion state...http://backrooms-wiki. Why don't we just fix them?Original article by "Callmeogandshutup". ,当你位于后室的第()层 47级痛度表,Backrooms level 30 超越现实 如果你没有挂,恐怕你回不去了! ,都市怪谈Backrooms level 9223372036854775807 后房 后室,【The backrooms】危险层级攻略-Level 30“超越现实”,【后室盘点】wikidot版本的死区合集,【The Backrooms】- Level 94. present in Level 48 is called L―48, which precisely takes its name from the number of the level. Level 514 is a seemingly infinite mansion with a vapor-wave aesthetic. Level 33 is the 34th Level of the Backro. The level contains a large number of seemingky endless party rooms, with wallpaper and. This is the only way to leave Level 99 without noclipping,. Time for another trip to visit Shrek In The Backrooms. Class is a class designation for levels that are the ultimate threat in the Backrooms. Level 1 in The Backrooms is acquired by leaving the "noclip zone" and continuing to play at Level 0. This forum is mainly moderated by the administrators, who are MattFor, kicek_kic_polska, Roystbit, Ikol and Sussy Gussy. Level 33 - The Infinite MallSurvival Difficulty: Class 2Subcategories:•Unsafe•Secure•Low Entity CountLevel 33 is the 34th Level of the Backrooms. The rooms, each illuminated by one particular light bulb, are relatively claustrophobic, featuring a tight space lacking any content. One of Level 399 's Rosatin Hotel rooms. White fluorescent lights fill the ceiling of the level with white and yellow concrete walls surrounding the building. Anthropomorphic Personification: Each Pillar embodies and represents a certain concept. 4K views 1 year ago #Backrooms …. LIMINAL: the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete. Level 6: "Lights out" (the most dangerous part of the backrooms because it is in absolute darkness). Wretches can vary widely in appearance, and many specimens commonly produce oral gags or snarls with little known purpose. Traverse through eerie backrooms levels while avoiding entities and other danger to try and escape. It can swim at ridiculous speeds. Can Slimecicle, Ranboo, and TommyInnit survive five nights in the Backrooms at 3 AM even when the Imposter is Among Us? or will they be trapped forever in th. Inside the Backrooms - DESCRIPTIONInside the Backrooms is a Co-op online horror game up to 4 players, where you and your friends will fight to escape from the different levels of the backrooms, solving different puzzles with different mechanics in each one. Doors are rarely found; they house metal shelves and ventilation ducts. After inputting it get inside and click "F" while aiming at second. Backrooms Level 0 colors palette. You Cheated, as of now is not considered a level due to it's otherwise esoteric properties. In total, there are 21 levels, 14 entities, 15 items and many objects. Doors with neon lights in Level 33 lead here. The level consists of many towers interconnected by corridors, hallways, bridges, platforms, staircases, and gates. It's believed to be closely linked to Level 7 and Level 400 due to the aquatic-like nature. r/backrooms on Reddit: Guys, I’m in level 33 of the back rooms. Level 10 is an expansive pasture of wheat and barley fields stretching endlessly in all directions, divided into plots by lines of trees and shrubbery. The Backrooms is an urban legend describing an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms and other environments. Level 974, also known as Kitty's House, is an upcoming Level. You might sometimes find a random entity, one that isnt from this level. As soon as wanderers enter this level, they find themselves in front of a classic amusement park entrance that seems to transport them back in time. Backrooms 2 is a game that expands on the Backrooms concept with more levels, puzzles and enemies. After that sneak through that area like on the map. r Someone needs to make a Backrooms level inspired by NYC project hallways. Level 7 is unique in that it is a vast expanse of water that appears to stretch on endlessly. The fog often coalesces into condensation, forming puddles on the floor in inconsistent areas. You’ll have to find the exit to win, however. The group consisted of ~33 members, and more members were joining at a rapid rate. com/collections/8bit-ryanTwitch: https:/. The Poolrooms (Backrooms Level. Skin Stealers - Prented to be human, Instant Death, Change to you. Backrooms level Memories 9223372036854775810. It is a sweet almond/vanilla flavored fluid that can be found in bottles of several types, typically without a brand or label on them. Heyo everyone, today I go over Backrooms level 32, aka the forest of the skeleton queen uh yeah. Fans enjoy hit songs because they believe the lyrics are catchy, innocent, or fun. 33 Hilarious Kitchen Renovation Fails. 1 尸湖,后室所有死区难度(W版,包括假死区),【后室backrooms】隐藏的层级level,不想死就——快躲!. When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, one of the most important factors to consider is its size. Escape The Backrooms is an indie game made by Fancy. The architecture of the tunnels consists of bricks in the upper half, and stone in the lower half. Dangerous Levels are classified under Class Deadzone, Class 5, Class 4, Class 3, or Class 2 on. 1 es el primer subnivel negativo entre el Nivel -33 y el Nivel -34. The level itself seems to be moving in slow pace, with the pace reportedly fluctuating from …. Level 34 is an infinite network of claustrophobic sewer tunnels, working similarly to Level 0 and Level 3. It can be considered the proverbial "dumping grounds" of the Backrooms — a wasteland of unused, discarded data deleted from the database, an assemblage of seemingly innumerable levels. Wanderers who enter this level will experience complete silence, with some areas measuring at -6. Level 33 is the 34 th level of Enter the Backrooms, and the final main level in Enter the Backrooms. Unlike the usual spatial liminal Positive Levels, Negative Levels tend to have surreal REM sleep and trippy elements, and liminality in Negative Levels is more situational or psychological. A multiplayer backrooms game with a lot of content to it! In this game we must make our way out of the backrooms by trravers. 描述此Level为level18的子层级。流浪者在这里会以为自己在7-10岁的正常生活中。对象不会因为此层级中的异常现象而困惑,如乱码的天空,无限上升的电梯等。流浪者在此层级中会经历7-10岁的校园生活,并遇到自己向往的事,如:考试获利,看电影,春秋游 …. The Metro (Includes On-Board Train level) The Elevator Shaft. Explore the backrooms with a team of up to 4 players. Backrooms Dullers LEVEL 1 (Found Footage)6/4/1989backrooms found footageAnimation by BACKROOMS SERIES (made with Blender 3. In this video, I show you exactly how to complete the Terror Hotel from Inside the Backrooms!=====Check out my discord server!. They may show symptoms and behaviors similar to a Jovial, such as hysteria and a lack of reasoning, although there is a clear absence of the Sanguine Festivus virus in level 5. A short and simple 5 minute video with all levels currently available, as well as solutions and explanations for the puzzles within. Act 33 checks applicants for prior convictions involving child ab. The partygoers are also a meme in the Backrooms with many pranks and wars going on. A manifestation of 093-CC, posted by. VLOGS @Twoogli HEY everyone, today I go over backrooms level -33, which is like the negative version of the poolrooms, but its even better i hope you enjo. Level 33 là Level thứ 34 của Backrooms. 01 is frequently mistaken for being a legitimate exit back into reality. This lightshow also takes place in …. Level 998 appears to be a big island with a snowy city on it. They have long bony limbs, sharp claws, have eyes that are fully white, lacking irises or pupils and walk on all-fours like a dog, hence their name. The overall size of Level Critical is currently unknown, but it is thought to be infinite in both …. Hey all today I go over backrooms level "you cheated!" which is possibly even more dangerous than backrooms level ! what do you think? Backrooms level. Level!とは、海外のネットネーム「backrooms」に登場する空間の一つである。. Destroying a painting will send you to Level πℵω. Research confirms that Death Moths reside in a large majority of levels throughout the backrooms. Hey everyone! WELCOME TO BROOGMASS DAY 8 (LEVEL 7!) ️Go vote me as the best Backrooms content creator!! Let’s bring home first place 😎 https://forms. name this backrooms level : r/backrooms. The walls, ceilings, and floors of the level all appear to be constructed from the same white. The house itself, although half of the. Levels are what make up the Backrooms; they are spaces that vary in size, appearance, safety, stability, and whatever entities or anomalies are within them. It’s estimated that between 25 and 33 percent of the population suffer from some form of incontinence, according to Me. The Backrooms as you've never seen before. 这里又是个关于水的level,backrooms后室最神秘的level:142857【解析】,backrooms里的著名楼层,可没有你想的那么简单! 33 backrooms小故事分享,后室的外部是什么? 02:25 backrooms楼层解析之level:corridor,也被叫做禁区 02:23 后室里出现了越来越多诡异的场景,大黄. this is the compilation of ALL theorized backrooms exits that ive gone over on the channel :) ENJOYYYYLevel Memories: https://backrooms. Level 2 is the 3rd level of the Backrooms. Each area of the level varies greatly in size and structure, ranging from uniform pools and hallways to more open, abnormally-shaped areas. This level is in war with level hell. Backrooms Unlimited is a ROBLOX game created by Lolbit757575. It resembles a labyrinthine network of interconnected passageways that stretch out in all directions. Based on a real location, a Holiday Inn hotel in London, England, the Backrooms level 188 is a class 5 dangerous level home to The Window entity. The monster was chasing me and someone else so me and someone hid underneath like a desk or like a box. Level 2 consists of long, dim concrete maintenance hallways with steam pipes lining the walls and ceilings. Level 1443 is the 1444th level of the Backrooms. Level 58 is the 59th level of the Backrooms. com/channel/UC6LSW-L7wOFb7i562dOElBAGet some 8-BitRyan merch here: https://fanfiber. There is no known way to mitigate …. Level 394 is unstable, if one stays in this level for a long time will suffer from many diseases due to extreme cold, such as chronic bronchitis and asthma. One may encounter doorways on occasion within Level 0 constructed out of glass which leads one to this level; Entering a room labeled "greenhouse" in Level 4 may lead one to Level 13; An unnaturally extensive hallway in Level 5 may transition to the environment of a greenhouse. I dreamed about running away from monsters with several people i didnt know. Level Fun is an infamous level, as it is the home of all the Partygoers. Level 4, also known as the “Abandoned Office”, is an expansive, empty structure, with architecture resembling a modern office building. Escape The Backrooms with Gabby, Kevin and NarratorSocials:Twitter: https://twitter. The Manila Room is an isolated spatial anomaly in the Backrooms, resembling a small square room. Levels are the spaces that you will travel through during your time in the Backrooms. Level 666 of the Backrooms explained. The walls are littered with graffiti drawn by wanderers, typically depicting entities or levels within the Backrooms. Level 55 is a supermarket of unknown size filled entirely and exclusively with freezer aisles. On certain occasions, a mist appearing to “lower down” the. #backroomsFirst found footage of the backrooms final level, "The Stairway"Have questions? comments?JOIN THE TEAM DISCORD: https://discord. Traverse though 20+ unique levels based on backrooms lore with regular content updates adding more. 14 existing in the Frontrooms regardless. Johnny is the m ain entit y residing inside of Level -7. With a total of 5 Levels to play on, Inside the Backrooms: Level 0 (Backrooms), Level 22 (Car Park), Level 4 (Office), Level Fun (Child’s Party), Level 35 (Sewer), Level 5 (Hotel). Full summary on Level 53 of the Backrooms - "Alone". Level -1, also known as "Grayscale Halls", is the 1st negative level of the Backrooms. The Animated King appears as a friendly clown with green hair, red gloves, a purple and yellow clown outfit, and some green clown shoes with a carnival like sledgehammer. Level!十公里长廊(你猜有没有十公里?),盘点Backrooms后室中,那些人气最高的安全层级,【Backrooms】后室 level C-996,“9 9 6”给我起来加班“社畜”,【Backrooms】后室 Level C-496 - “死亡公车”请在17:00前下车。. It is an abandoned library holding randomly placed bookshelf with a varying number of shelves. ∆Timestamps∆0:00-0:29 Disappointing Ending0:30-0:59 Supermarket 12AM Ending1:00-1:19 Hide and seek Ending1:20-1:49 Bittersweet Ending1:50-2:19 Good (?) Endin. Hounds are humanoid entities with canine attributes. Being from such early time era, many modern things from the late 20th century and the 21st. It is found on the nature-based levels in the backrooms. The water is purely fresh and safe for consumption. Level 33 is the 34th level of the Backrooms. Level 0 - The Backrooms Level 1 - gm_underground_parking, gm_mallparking Level 2 - Pipe Dreams Level 3 - Gm Sewer Tunnels Level 4 - [GM] Limi. Backroomsという海外産ホラーです。SCPではないです。再生リスト:https://www. One method to exit Level 72 is by finding a stylish garden, then noclipping through the soil of blossoming flowers. 1 Level 231; 2 Level 9223372036854775807; 3 Level 389; Explore properties. miles) Immersive, in depth Madness System; A Being that roams the Backrooms (You may not encounter It every playthrough) Based on the creepypasta/meme: This is a solo project developed by David Campbell III, Founder/CEO/Lead Developer of Pie On A Plate Productions. 31: "Trick or Treat!" Level 33: "Dead Mall" Level 34: "Sewage Swimming" Level 35: "Day Zero" Level 35. 后室 Backrooms Level 18 “回忆”. Level 58 resembles a house in the The Frontrooms. The Sunset Pool, is a pool where you. Level 533 The Agitating Playground is a very unsettling level in the backrooms. Today we play Escape The Backrooms. An empty seat with a faint light shines in the distance. The appearance of A False End seems to mimic that of an abandoned library from The …. Survival Difficulty: Class 0 》Safe 》Secure 》Devoid of Entities Description Large hotel with multiple hotel rooms inside, …. Dude, the backrooms aren't real, they can be whatever you want them to be. Although Level 22, 4 and Level Fun flow seamlessly together as a single Level, they house different entities inside. Level 801 ‣ {NO DATA} Level 802 ‣ "The Midwinter Remnant" Level 803 ‣ {NO DATA} Level 804 ‣ {NO DATA} Backrooms Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. 房间的体积和结构千变万化,从整齐的走道和水池到更加开放、形状更奇怪的. Join the discord server : https://discord. No-clipping through a red wall directs individuals to Level -1. Unlike any other, these keys appear to have special abilities that can open any locked door. Level 189 resembles a barren, foggy wasteland. Staff's Notice: Upon the foregoing trend of commenting "Where is the original Level 94," please note that the Backrooms Fandom Wiki does not endorse or tolerate plagiarism—as per rule 6 for page creation—from other similar wikis such as Wikidot, including Level 94. com/level-33discord:https://discord. The Backrooms faz referência a várias outras tendências (trends) e mídias de terror, incluindo o Herobrine do Minecraft e o conceito de espaços liminares. The level mainly consists of lobbies, pools, dining rooms, bookrooms, bed rooms, arcades, nightclubs, and many more. The room has a relatively small-sized bed, a wardrobe, and two exits into other rooms. The motel is located in a desert, which flourishes cacti and other plants adapted to the dry environment. Level 35 是一广阔的空间异常,其主要表现为一片令人毛骨悚然的草甸;任何种类的颜色在此处都不存在——该楼层具有降低以往可能存在的所有颜色的饱和度的异常效应。. A 33 inch wide refrigerator is a popular choice for many households due to its versatility and space-saving features. backrooms level : nostalgic properties danger classification: class dead-zone. You have to find a way out, but of course some "friends" don't want you to leave. Level 336 is always continually at a very bright and rather beautiful sunny day, with temperatures rising between 20-30°C respectively, along with the occasional overcasted clouds that can be seen floating by, seemingly matching the speed clouds go at in The Frontrooms. I tried my best to try to model the Liminal Staircase, or Backrooms Level 231, in Blender. Electrical lines can be seen across the level, yet seem to serve no purpose; however, some have theorized that this structural phenomenon offers power to some, or all, of the Backrooms. Approach these windows with extreme caution! There are literally thousands of levels to the Backrooms, but very little is known about most of them. No entities are found here but unfortunately if you enter (through noclipping in Level -37) you can't leave, this is a danger because not only are you trapped but the. The organism may, in turn, be influenced by future exposure to this stimulus and act accordingly. It seems to be an empty shopping mall. Level -32 is a unique and intriguing world within the backrooms that offers a retro 1920s-style amusement park experience. Level 36, frequently referred to as "the Airport" or the "Desolate Terminal," is a vast airport terminal building that stretches indefinitely. For most, however, he is but an ordinary person. The Bacteria (also known as a Lifeform, Lifeform Fellow, Entity, or simply Creature) is a humanoid creature (or possibly a group of creatures) that inhabit the Backrooms, preying on victims that have found themselves in their presence. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. #backrooms Epilepsy Warning: Video contains lots of flashing colorsFirst footage of the lowest and most dangerous backrooms level, -9223372036854775807, als. 【Backrooms】Level 33:无尽购物体验_哔哩哔哩_bilibili. 2)#backrooms #backroomsfoundfoota. It resembles a small hot spring hotel with three stories and an underground basement. Level Fun は The Backrooms の階層である。 Level Fun は、どこからともなく童謡が流れている小さなパーティールームが無数に繋がった空間である。 Level Fun は極めて危険な階層であり、多くの人々が Level Fun の中へ入った後に消息を絶っている。 Level Fun の内部について正体不明の存在がネットの上で. Revert any level changes, unless it makes the level safer/better. They're extremely hostile toward humans and have been cause for concern among the Async Research Institute in their …. The architectural design of the structures in Level 11 varies moderately; buildings typically appear to follow the architectural style of the modern urban West, but explorations further into the level have shown instances of differing architectural styles. We finally conclude our series on Shrek In The Backrooms' second update, as we show you how to beat and escape The Office. 【概要】 海外産の創作ホラー(?)"The Backrooms" 解説チャンネル。たまに3DCGを活用して投稿します。 【投稿頻度】 週1~2回ぐらい、21時に投稿し. For easy teleportation through Backrooms levels. The game has infinite levels, a madness system and a Being that can chase the player. Found footage of a very interesting level inhabited by what we're referring to as Entity 67. When I was a kid I had a YMCA membership and would go to their indoor water parks a lot. Level 33 "Infinite Mall" [] Level 33 is the 34 th level of Enter the Backrooms, and the final main level in Enter the Backrooms. It is found on the aquatic level of the backrooms. Level 30: "Aquatic Cycles". more more It’s cable reimagined No DVR space limits. Level 19 resembles what appears to be a suburban hotel; upon entry into this level, a wanderer is usually located in a dark hotel room. Backrooms is a game that simulates being trapped in an endless maze of yellow rooms. Beneath the glass-like surface lies an endless number of swirling, pulsating neon lights, which seem to change color and intensity constantly. Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video More AMM Backrooms Wiki. The mall is spread across thousands of miles, …. If you try, you'll be sent to Level 666. Level 45 barely provides an active weather cycle for the most part, …. 18-year-old Director and VFX artist. Although the tunnels vary in length, all have an eerily perfect cylindrical shape with near-identical dimensions. Level 29, also referred to as "The Lost Art Gallery" or "Artistic View," is a massive but finite art gallery measuring 50 trillion miles (approximately 80 trillion kilometers) in diameter. this one is TERRIFYING, enjoy :) (👍 ͡ ̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ͡ ̿ ̿ )👍Le. The overall size of Level Critical is currently unknown, but it is thought to be. It can be expected that one will have a very difficult time surviving in Class 5 levels at all without the proper equipment, weapons, and supplies. Level 233: The Neon Center │ Backrooms Wiki │ Fandom ">Level 233: The Neon Center │ Backrooms Wiki │ Fandom. 1, also known as "Danger Zone", is a sublevel of Level 0, the 1st level of the Backrooms. These areas are not defined, and there are multiple of each area within this Level. What if you got trapped in the backrooms? Picture the hum of aged, yellowing fluorescent lights reverberating from your surroundings. I somehow came into the end and then there were several doors. In the absence of wanderers, Skin-Stealers are much more aggressive as well as hostile to entities. They all canonically coexist in the same cosmology. 4 Entities 5 Entrances & Exits 5. r/backrooms • Faster th BACKROOMS CYCLE. Backrooms: Escape Together - JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameAs a team of researchers, you are sent into the Backrooms to gather more info on the liminal labyrinth. 不要陷入催眠,这是致命的,【backrooms系列】level 14 天堂,Level 10. Then go back to elevator and click "F" while aiming at keypad to be able to input the code. Pixels) [REVAMP] 81% 51 (UPD🔥) Scary Elevator! *NEW KILLERS* 82% 470. However, when people finally take a look at a song, they realize they’ve misunde. **ATTENTION! The Poolrooms Remastered Edition is currently under development, see our group and channel for more details!**. There are no entities and there is a stable, friendly colony of 6 people. The Hub presents itself as a vast subterranean complex, composed of an infinite interconnected network of tunnel systems. Level 45's outdoors consists of a never-ending uniquely fashioned forest with convenient terrain attributed to tall trees, bodies of water, and diverse regions. Maximizing Space and Style: The Top 33 Inch Wide Refrigerators for Any Kitchen. This game is based on the famous creepypasta with many real references implemented such as …. There are conflicting accounts regarding the appearance and personality of the entity, suggesting that he never stays the same, and is ever-changing. HEX colors #6b5f18, #8b853c, #857c41, #9c9358, #d7d3a2, #cfcca2. It is completely lightless and empty, containing nothing. This lightshow also takes place in the sky of the level, surrounding any. Hey everyone! Today I'm going over level 3999 in the backroom! This is the most widely accepted way from the fandom to escape the backrooms, so I thought I'd. Use Space Key to regenerate backrooms. Backrooms Negative Levels Wiki. Inspired by a Creepypasta story with the same name, you'll have to plunge into a strange dimension full of corridors, totally diaphanous and without furniture, in which a sinister presence threatens your life, hidden …. Despite it being a sewer system, Level -206 is exceedingly clean. Level 16 appears to be an infinite, abandoned mental asylum. All of the levels located in the realm …. On occasions, short, chilly breezes will occur, giving wanderers a sense of relief. There is also seen a giant moyai structure in the water, in the distant. A lukewarm pool with a faint pool light shines in the distance, The water is silent, but a slight sound of lukewarm water flows past. The map isn't a perfect recreation of the real place but I used all the references I could to make it as accurate as possible. May 1, 1994This is my first attempt at the backrooms, I might not get blender just so you know but I hope you still like my vids!. The all-encompassing corridor view generally exudes the trope of a "futuristic" aesthetic due to the association's travelers constitute between Level 15 and the overarching vision of an …. Check my animation made with #FlipaClipDownload Free - https://r4x8c. The exact number of stamps required varies based on the value of each individual stamp placed on the envelope. From Level 17: Sometimes, if you're on the staircases in Level 17, you. How to Complete the TERROR HOTEL. The open shop on the first floor brings you to Level 22. The complex is divided in five distinct areas, each with varying layouts, which are connected linearly; however, two of the stations were progressively. Free content updates with new levels and game modes keep the community rewarded. Make sure to open a link in new tab! Level 940 - "Lost and Forgotten". These levels pose a major threat to any living things inside them, and any entry to these levels should be avoided. Level 17 resembles the interior of an enormous cargo carrier spanning hundreds of thousands of square meters, composed of mostly stairwells, corridors and rooms. They make up the Backrooms and house all things within them. What is a Joke Page? [] Joke Pages are comedic pages created just for laughs and are not meant to be taken seriously. In this video, I’ll explain level 974 of the backrooms (aka. The Backrooms If you're not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. com/products/sagan-hawkes-plushToday, we're looking at the first 100 levels of the Backrooms. Enter the Backrooms: five games that explore the new creepy …. 1; Level 0; Level 13; Level 1; Level 10; Level 11; Level 12; Level 136; Level 15; Level 188. -, 视频播放量 106588、弹幕量 211、点赞数 2853、投硬币枚数 138、收藏人数 1141、转发人数 143, 视频作者 北方の苟子, 作者简介 妄图在短暂的生命中寻求捷径的铑铯铍,相关视频:逃离后室 Level 7 深海恐惧症!. Its physical appearance is indistinguishable from that of the Fushimi Inari shrine, though accompanied by slight anomalies and bewildering geometry. Level 999 is the scariest, all the other ones are scary, but 999 will force you to relive them, and bad memories from b4 entering the backrooms, that's not even mentioning the way you enter and leave 999. Safe Levels mostly range in survival difficulty from 0 to 1; occasionally Class 2 levels are also. Level 68 resembles an empty restaurant, with nearly no décor present. 1 or Level -18 can be reached by passing through a set of sliding glass doors. Level (#): The entity is found only in its main habitat, a particular level. If done right, level 1 is the only level that there should be. In this guide, I will show you how to beat every level, avoid being killed by …. I Survived The HARDEST Backrooms Level. Level 338 resembles a nightclub-themed partyhouse. Find games tagged backrooms like my eyes deceive, Cosmonaught, Backrooms, Beanrooms Multiplayer Beta (Backrooms Game), The Backrooms 1998 - Found Footage Backrooms Survival Horror Game [SCARY GAMES] on itch. This is the only automatic trigger on the map. The walls of the corridors are made of rough, cold stone that feels almost alive to the touch. The Backrooms (OUTDATED) Created by egglord. Currently, EXD-1 seems to be infinite in size, which could prove incredibly useful for storage or housing purposes. literally stranger things season 3 finale in a nutshell#backrooms #jakeopod. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. The very fabric of this level exudes an inexplicable comfort, interwoven with peculiar elements that challenge the boundaries of reality. Remember, ALWAYS CREDIT PEOPLE’S THINGS ON SKETCHFAB. Act 33 and Act 34 clearances can be applied for electronically through the websites of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). 最折磨人类的一层,希望你能给自己一个痛快,【Backrooms】Level 11:无限城市(1),【Backrooms】Level 9. For simplicity, it has been named “Geolith”. I got to learn how to make it ou. The Hotspring Hotel is usually known as the most dangerous 𝓌ℴ𝓃𝒹ℯ𝓇𝒻𝓊𝓁 sub-level of Level -33. Level 25 presents itself as a series of multiple rooms that connect segmented, adorned with an array of mid-to-late 80s arcade cabinets that fill most of the rooms, though some are out of. Most of the stores are owned by major corporations from the real world, but usually have few products in stock or are completely empty. And this is The Minecraft Backrooms. There are 22 levels in Escape the Backrooms, plus The End level, which is only the end for now. Internet users have expanded upon this concept by creating different "levels" of the Backrooms and …. The Hub is a hidden level which serves as the nexus to the entire Backrooms, containing an entrance to every single level. The lake in Level 32 with what appears to be a shipwreck in the distance. 1 is home to many entities, such as Skin-Stealers, Wretches, Hounds, Facelings, Death Moths, and Aranea Membri. Which means many aspects of this level are similar to Level ! Level !-! resembles a long, vast hotel hallway, consisting of flashing-red lights, alarms, and doors which are typically restricted. The planter cut across and railing serve no purpose. 1 composed of a hallway similarly to Level Run For Your Life, instead of happiness that you have awaited for, it is a trap, backrooms entities such as Smilers, Howlers, Partygoers, Hounds, and Female Deathmoths, all you do is run, and keep running till the end of time, you will just be running without loosing any …. Don't be afraid about the water. SHREK IN THE BACKROOMS(ALL ITEM LOCATIONS IN ALL LEVELS) | ROBLOXtimestamps0:00 level 1 items(lobby)0:25 promo 0:45 continuation of level 1 items2:43 level 2. Level 1: "Habitable Zone". SHREK IN THE BACKROOMS WALKTHROUGH(level 1 to 10 speed run) | ROBLOX🚧Important links🚧 Discord: https://discord. This is especially true for refrigerators, as they are not only essential for keeping your food fresh but also play a significant role. Upon sensing this, he will then travel to the wanderer's location and proceed to dismember/decapitate the victim, and then eat the remains. Also known as the “Duck Pokemon,” Psyduck has the abilities Damp and Cloud Nine. The factors of 99 are 1, 3, 9, 11, 33 and 99. When your level is finished, feel free to post it in the Discuss section for feedback. In this video, I’ll explain level 94 of the backrooms. Level 8 is the 9th level of the Backrooms. Looks like the first available slot is Level 32, so that’s what I’ll call this place. It is one of the most useful and time-saving features as the player does not need to beat any levels to reach the one they desire, they can just select directly it and play. Backrooms level 1,000 is very unique. #backroomsFirst found footage of the end “backrooms level 3999” known for its connection to the frontroomsFound footage inspired by Kane PixelsHave questions. The Poolrooms (Backrooms Level -33. Class is a class designation for levels regarded to be completely safe, with no entities or environmental hazards posed by the level whatsoever. 13th July 2004:𝙇𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙡 𝙁𝙪𝙣 𝙩𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙖 𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙣'𝙨. Sleeping on this level has a chance to be sent to Level 3246700000000000000000000. gg/9PT5AEnNByRecorded Video n°25Level ! "Run For Your Life"These videos are based of the backrooms wikidot with som. PS: If anyone is near i’ve got a ton of supplies if you wanna trade, iv’e got ropes, a ladder, and the mall has a food court (lvl 33 is a empty shopping mall) so I have much food and water. The Leisure Lounge is very new to Level 3, and The Backrooms in general, having only been founded in 1996. Desde sua criação, o conceito de Backrooms se estendeu para várias outras formas de mídia e. There is plenty of food and good music (there is a pitch change, so sometimes it feels unsettling) and it looks like a strange hotel/mall/water park/office/resort hybrid, so living there would actually be true luxury compared to the rest of the backrooms. The level exhibits a high degree of heterogeneity in its zones, which range from colossal halls to concealed chambers. Class is a class designation for levels that pose extreme threats to any who explore them, as one will certainly come into serious danger. Level 33 is the 34th Level of the Backrooms. Hello everyone, in this video I go over backrooms level "!" aka level RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Hopefully you enjoyed it, and let me know what other levels you want. Description [] Level 33 is an infinite mall. Level 111, known as the Malfunctional Metropolis, is an immense, slightly futuristic city full of shiny buildings and skyscrapers. Level 666: "The Hallway to Hell". The aisles seem to mimic the design and styling of a number of. Some stores are closed off by a gate that currently has no know way to open. io, the indie game hosting marketplace. "If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms…. Entrance: Noclipping through the floor in levels below 72 may lead here. Nobody thus far has fully explored Level 7, but what is currently known is that the first and potentially only "room" of Level 7 is not flooded and has the usual fluorescent lighting. Backrooms Levels In Minecraft: The EndThis is libraryI used Blockbuster, Aperture, Minema, and Metamorph mod by McHorse To make this video─Chapters──────────. Written by AbaddonFmL and MaxCommonXD. Backrooms Level 33 ("The Chasm") Oh boy, Level 33, an unsettling moniker, "The Chasm," that paints a pretty clear picture, right? An abyss-like territory where 'up' and …. This level appears to be as ancient as the Backrooms themselves, having been discovered in 1930 by a wanderer named Ronald M. The perimeter of the building is divided into 3 equal parallel strips, the middle one being the only roofed one. "Holy cow that was a lot of entities! Good thing you survived though. In the main room where the player spawns in there is a computer on a desk that can. Losing all your sanity in the section of Level 0. Footage discovered from a dead corpse that was found by a wanderer in level FUN +, in 1996Level FUN+ resembles Level FUN in a lot of ways. Guided by the feedback we received, we decided to radically change the game. It is a singular 11-story building that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Level -1 comprises a long hallway made of concrete walls and old, carpeted flooring. They are imperfect, and they are broken, leaving only smudges of sense in what it is or has been. As you insert the key into any lock, it will duplicate the lock from the door and paste its key itself, unlocking any door. Cada zona del nivel varía enormemente en tamaño y estructura, desde piscinas y pasillos uniformes hasta …. Level 25 presents itself as a series of multiple rooms that connect segmented, adorned with an array of mid-to-late 80s arcade cabinets that fill most of the rooms, though some are out of order or have been …. Level -404 is the 404 th negative level of the Backrooms. which would lead one to this level;. does anyone have info on level -33 if you do that would be helpful, thanks comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like. Level 8 is a vast cave system that has gained notoriety due to the presence of numerous spider-like creatures that inhabit it. The rooms are made with white drywall and have white gable …. Early stage of level 33 found footage. Backrooms Entity Database. Small fields littered with rusted farming. pixivで「Level! (backrooms)」の小説を読む. A parasite that resembles the common earthworms. This level is uncomfortably damp and humid, much more so than Level 0. The Backrooms are a series of large, linear levels with specific names and classifications for each level. Many travelers consider Level 36 to be a secondary hub of the Backrooms, similar to the Hub, since its exit leads to any outdoor levels, with the designated numbers of the levels increasing as one travels deeper into …. com/lev Level -33 - http://backrooms …. Level Fun =) is one of the few enigmatic levels in Enter The Backrooms. Lights from the ceiling shine around the pool and windows with a beautiful night view, giving a peaceful feeling when looking. Well here is Level Smiler finally straight from the Backrooms. The level's physical appearance is mundane and somewhat worn down; however, its layout. Rooms and Rooms of Wading Pools: Imagine an old fashioned pool with hand laid tile everywhere. Level 363, also commonly named as Outside the Windows, is the 367th level in the Backrooms. 门厅走廊有时通向Level 699, Level 4242 ,Level 37,或Level 30。 进入似乎不通往任何一处位置的滑道可能会去向 Level 6886 , Level 71 , Level 37. Labirin ini dikarakteristikkan dengan bau karpet basah, dinding dengan warna kuning monokromatik, dan lampu pendar yang berdengung kencang. One will feel astonished and alienated by the extreme vapor-wave aesthetic when entering; however, as time goes on, wanderers will feel more and more relaxed. The open shop on the second floor brings you to Level -33. Hey everyone in this video I go over 2 backrooms levels (level 34 and 35) one is a claustrophobic sewer, and one is a claustrophobic car garage niceHelp m. At the moment we only have a trailer for you.