2017 Ram 1500 Torque Specs

2017 Ram 1500 Torque SpecsSilverado 1500 (New Model) 2019 2020 Tahoe 2015 GMC Savana 2015 2020 Sierra 2018 Sierra Limited 2019 2019 Sierra 2500/3500 Sierra 1500 (New Model) 2019 2020 Yukon 2015 2020 Involved Region or Country North America, Russia, Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Thailand. Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 Truck Suspension Kits; Dodge Ram D & W 100, 200, 300 Series Suspension Kits; U-Bolts that have been well lubricated with an anti-seize compound will have a torque range between plated and unplated values. ) 3,604 (220) 2,988 (182) 5,654 (345) 2015 Ram 1500 Specifications *Shown for base models with standard features. The 5th Generation Cummins is a towing beast, there is no doubt about it. 6L V6 Gas Engine with 8-Speed Automatic transmission. But for the fifth-generation, 2020 model year Ram 1500, the engine was revised and got some updates and changes resulting in more power …. 2017 Ram 1500 Accessories & Parts. Three engine choices are offered for the 2017 Ram 1500. 09/18/2017 09:18:23 AM Trailer Towing Chart. The 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel hasn't yet been rated. Install drain plug in crankcase. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the GMC Sierra 4 in both Nm and ft/lbs. 7L Repair Information Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Axle U-Bolts Torque Specs : 120 ft-lbs Dodge Ram 1500 Leaf Spring Mounting Nut Torque Spec : 175 ft-lbs. 25-456) Ring & Pinion Gear Set for Chrysler 8. Ram 2500 front end bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. Step-by-Step Instructions Tapered Seat Plugs. Ram 2500 brake system bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Unplug the abs sensor if equipped. Here is a list of lug nut torque specs and sizes for a Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500. The recommended torque for the 2017 RAM 1500 lug nuts is 80 ft. In some cases, you might also be able to find the information via an online search, but be careful—free information isn’t always …. Always refer to the specific service manual for your vehicle to confirm the torque specs for your 5. You can can do the same thing when you torque the axle nut. All Dodge Ram 1500 trucks have similar specifications, and drivers can configure items such as box and engine type for s. The diesel Ram 1500 tow capacity has always been a beacon of efficient strength. 2012 – 2021 (DD) RAM 3500 Cab & Chassis. 7L V8 Gas Engine with 8-Speed Automatic transmission. 2021 Silverado 1500 Maximum Tow Capacity. Torque output: This engine produces 235 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 RPM, providing a solid balance of power and efficiency. It delivers a peak power, and torque of 395 hp at 5,600 rpm, and 410 lb-ft at 3,950 rpm respectively. Learn the ins and outs about the used 2017 Ram Ram 3500 Pickup-V8 Crew Cab Limited 4WD. FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA Group Marketing S. Please see the chart below for some of the critical torque specs for your engine. Next, tighten the 12-mm bolts to 40 foot-pounds and re-tighten the 8-mm bolts to 15 foot-pounds if they have loosened. 2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Review. Number of posts: 10,166 RE: Torque specifications for lug nuts lagger was the original spelling. Torque is usually listed under engine specs. 6L Pentastar engines used in Dodge/RAM/Jeep vehicles where they leak. The first table contains the most-used torque settings. Maximum towing capacity is 10,610 pounds. Specifications are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Technicians should be aware that these ball joints can exhibit a fair amount of radial play – OE spec for replacement on this application is 0. Ram 1500 Features and Specs. 25" axle with all new bearings and seals. Some models and trim levels may require different specs. Place a suitable drain pan under crankcase drain. 6-liter gasoline V-6 can range up. The heavy-duty front brake caliper bracket has a torque specification of 275 ft/lbs. Both surfaces should be cleaned and preped prior to installing. TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic. 7 HEMI engine the timing system is ran by the use of a single chain. Make Model Trim Year Range Torque; GMC. 7 liter HEMI engine include a towing capacity of approximately 10,650 pounds and a payload of 1,720 pounds. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn including dimensions, Torque: 410 lb-ft @ 3,950 rpm: Valves: 16: Related Used 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn info. Infographic: Cylinder Head Torque Sequences and …. Mainly looking for Wheel hub tq . This what I found so far correct me if I'm wrong please or let me know what is correct. Torque the lug nuts in two steps, starting at 40 ft/lbs of torque for your first step to get the wheel seated properly. 7L - Buck Dodge Ram 1500 2002 Car question. And those peak numbers are unaffected by the eTorque system. 0L EcoDiesel V6 engine available on the 2023 Ram 1500. Hersh, from Pennsylvania, wants to tint the front windows of his new truck to match the rear. The torque specs below should be used as a guide and you should check your user’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended torque spec. If you have a manual just let the engine cool for half an hour and take filter out thru wheel well. See 2023 Ram 1500 specs and trims. Front Strut Lower Bolts Torque Spec. If you remove the front caliper banjo bolt be sure to torque it back up to 30 ft-lbs once done. The ZF 8HP45 and its updates can be found in several BMWs, a couple of Chryslers, the V6 Ram 1500, a few Dodges, and several Jaguars. The specifications of a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5. 5 seconds (according to the manufacturer, when new). 2-liter V8 with 702 horsepower and 650 pound …. Ram 1500 Pickup - 2003-02 135 Ram 1500 Pickup - 2001-94 80-110 Ram 2500 Pickup - 2003-02 135 Ram 2500 Pickup - 2001-94 120-150 Wheel Nut Torque Specifications. my question isthe Haynes manual say steps 4 is to torque bolts 1-10 to 90 degrees but then on step 5 it says the same thing again. 6-liter V6 outputting 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque or a 5. ) 2018 RAM 1500 Specifications Chart RAM 1500 *Under no circumstances should oil change intervals exceed 16,000 km 2018 RAM 1500 Specifications Chart 2017 RAM 1500 TOWING* (Conventional ball & hitch). A truck with a higher axle ratio can produce more torque and acceleration at lower speeds, which is very important when towing. 2014 3500 Tradesman CCSB, SRW, 6. 3L head is dependent on the type of bolts and fasteners used. 2017 RAM 1500 Pricing and Specs. However, many Ram owners want their trucks to stand out more by lifting the body and installing oversized wheels and rims. Cooling System Capacity (quarts) Ram 1500 TRX Specs for Other Model. 2001 Ram 1500 specs (horsepower, torque, engine size, wheelbase), MPG and pricing by trim level. to/ia/1ASSP004631A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace your front s. The Ram also outsold the Toyota Camry, 2016’s best-selling car, by more than 100,000 units. Note: If using a torque wrench vs. 4 HEMI engine the timing system is ran by the use of a single chain. I need help with timing mark for camshaft and crankshaft on 2004 dodge ram 1500 5. SOURCE: Need torque specs for oil pan bolts torque specs for these bolts can be found in a Haynes or Chilton manual availiable from your local parts store, or maybe at your local library, however these bolts are usually no more than 14 ft pounds, unlike cylinder head bolts, the bolts do not need to have any stretch factor to hold the oil pan …. Including Dimensions, Horsepower, Engine Size, Oil Capacity, and Tire Size. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. See pricing for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie Pickup 4D 5 1/2 ft. Tighten the bolts and nuts sequentially in three steps. For most vehicles, the lug nuts should be tightened to the manufacturer’s specified torque using a torque wrench. Used 2017 Ram 1500 Express Crew Cab. 7 HEMI RAM 1500: Borla 140068 Cat-Back Exhaust System. It is important to use the correct torque when securing any wheel on a vehicle, as it ensures proper safety and performance. ) 3,604 (220) 2,988 (182) 5,654 (345) 2018 RAM 1500 Specifications Chart 2017 RAM 1500 TOWING* (Conventional ball & hitch) (SAE J2807 Compliant) kg (lb) - Maximum ratings when properly equipped. A forum member, Toxic11, posted that information but it was from the service manual on an '06 engine and I don't know if they. 6-liter, V6 Cylinder Engine (Flex Fuel Capability) 240. Flywheel to Converter Torque Spec. Used 2017 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab. It’s a workhorse with style that’s got pedigree. OEM Ram 1500 DS Parts & Accessories. 16 inch American Racing AR202 Matt Bronze w/ Black Lip on 2017 Ram 1500 Lifted. 7 Hemi Water Pump Bolt Torque Specs. com 287 Enthusiast Member #274 Mineral Grey truck Member #62 4WD. See pricing for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn Pickup 4D 5 1/2 ft. EBC slotted rotors with Yellow stuff pads and Cooper Zeon LTZ275/60/R20. com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. 2017 RAM 1500 Trailer Towing Chart - SAE J2807 Compliant Engine Transmission Bas Axle Ratio GVWR Payload e Wight GA R GCWR Max. 6 97 D16A1 86-89 23 FT/LBS 40 FT/LBS 22, 47 FT/LBS AFTER 1500 MILES. 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Feb. Ring Gear Torque Specs for 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The new Ram 1500 is built to impress with a supple ride and composed handling, strong and fuel efficient engine, available eight speed automatic. The Dodge brand makes reliable vehicles, but some models, such as the pre-2000 Dodge Ram 1500 truck and Dodge Grand Caravan van, had higher transmission failure rates than normal. Check out the list of Best Performance Upgrades for 5. If using metric-sized bolts, the specification should be 118 Nm (87 lb. ACADIA 2007 – 201818-INCH / ALL 140 ft-lbs C10 2WD 1971 – 1987 235/75R15 100 ft-lbs C10 2WD 1967 – 1970 235/75R15 80 ft-lbs C1500 PICK-UP 1988 – 1995 225/75R15 120 ft-lbs C1500 PICK-UP 1996 – 1999 225/75R15 140 ft-lbs C2500 – 8 LUG 16″OPT 1992 – …. Moving up to something like a 3. Home; 610-930 lb/ft at 1,500-1700 rpm:. Check with TESLA Ram Pickup 1500 w/DRW (8 lug) 1994-2001 22mm 140 * w/steel wheelsEE Ram Pickup 1500, 2500 / Mega Cab / HD. 0-liter turbodiesel EcoDiesel V6 with only 240 horsepower. Not prepared to replace the left head I put the engine back together with new gaskets and new head bolts. 0L Duramax Fuel Filter Change; Toyota Supra Oil Change (2020+ 3. The 2019 Ram ProMaster comes with a torque spec of 250 lb-ft when equipped with the 3. These Dodge axles are pretty much the same from 1994-2018,. 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Specs. CR Cummins Valve Lash Adjustment. The 2021 RAM 1500 TRX offers 650 lb-ft of torque. Anyone know know what the torque specs are for changing a cam and lifters. 7L V8 Gas Engine with 8-Speed Automatic Torque. A variety of Dodge Ram 1500 models exist with slightly different specifications including the Big Horn and the Laramie. DISCLAIMER: This page is not intended to replace the information contained in a factory level service manual and is intended solely as a "Quick" reference. In fact, the RAM 1500 is the only truck in its segment to offer a diesel engine as an option. Procomp ES9000 with torsion bar tweak. Steps on how to change the transmission fluid on 2013 to 2022 Ram 1500 and torque wrench, tighten the nuts. Used 2017 Ram Promaster Cargo Van for Sale Near Me. As one of the most popular full-size pickup trucks, the Ram 1500 appeals to drivers who seek a blend of capability, style, and durability. It also features 16″ steel wheels, an optional 17″ aluminum wheel upgrade, and a maximum payload capacity of 4,430 pounds. Install the axle washer and nut, tighten nut to 237 N·m (175 ft. 65 quarts (rear Ram 2500/3500 10. 7 Hemi, need head bolt torque and pattern, rocker rail torque and intake torque specs … read more. The 2017 Ram 1500 has a towing capacity ranging from 4,210 – 10,640 lbs. Ram 1500 brake system bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. 7L HEMI® V-8 has 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, letting you enjoy a 12,750-pound maximum towing capacity 1 and the ability to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in an estimated 6. Ah, my grandpa is a Chevy guy and has the same issue (lives on a gravel road and in Kansas) and had the bottom 1/4 or so of his truck coated in bedliner to keep paint from chipping. Tighten the M11 cylinder head bolts a second. The 2014 Ram 1500 has a few different wheel torque specs, depending on the trim level and equipment. Caliper Adapter Mounting Bolts, Front (1500) 130ftlbs. 60, 5" rear coils, XD832 20x9 -12mm wheels, Definately, I had concerns that the torque spec was on the high side and I did ask the tech about the forged aluminum rims on the PW and he said that they were 130 ft/lbs conical,. 2004 Dodge Ram 1500; Dodge Ram 1500 Car and Truck 2017 - General Cobalt - Torque Specs!! - Well. The Dodge Ram 1500 gas tank sizes range from 23. 2016 Ram 1500 Performance. Detailed car specs: 2017 Ram 1500. A link perhaps on all torque specs relevant brake jobs for a 2018 sport quad cab 5. 17 inch KMC KM544 Mesa Matte Bronze w/ Black Lip on 2018 Ram 1500 Lifted. Original equipment and alternative options. The width of the Ram 1500 is 79. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. After tightening to the proper torque, bend the tabs of the lock straps …. The 2017 Ram 1500 offers a diverse range of customization options to cater to the needs of truck buyers. com Seat Length Thread Size Hex Size Hex Size Seat Thread Size Seat Length Thread Size Hex Size 10 192. Then for the final torque refer to our chart below for torque recommendations based on your lug nut thread size. 457377 2018 Torque specification guide Front & rear axle nut, hub mount and lug nut torque specifications for FWD, RWD & 4WD vehicles. Although the Ram has been in production since 1981, the current car is only the fourth generation. Using the manufacturer recommended torque also helps guarantee that there isn’t either too much or too little pressure on any of the assemblies to which the wheel attaches. This is the same as the 2015 model. Buy Now!New Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly Set from 1AAuto. 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011. 7L Diesel engine bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. -sway bar end link top nut 27ftlbs bottom nut 75ftlbs. This beefy engine provides up to 22 miles per gallon and produces 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Guide for performing an oil change on a 2008 - 2018 Ram 1500 equipped with the 3. Use the Champion torque recommendation below as a guide for tightening all spark plugs. 0L EcoDiesel Maintenance Schedule, Fluid Capacity, & Parts List. Used 2016 Ram 1500 Specs & Features. Vehicle History owners rate the 2017 1500 a solid 4. Explore 702 horsepower, Specs; THE REIGN CONTINUES 2023 RAM TRX Boasting Best-in-Class horsepower and torque, it’s only natural for you to be curious what a supercharged …. 410 lb-ft @ 3950 rpm Transmission. Install the new rotor on the hub, then reinstall the caliper bracket. Add to quote; Share; Only As always check your my specs the torque spec's I have listed are for a 2014 my. The symptoms of P0740 vary greatly. ram1500rsm said: Helping a neighbor out to install Core arms in his 16 1500 crew cab, The specs i have from the forum are 200 ft/lbs for the rear lowers, and 120 for the uppers ? He'll have to go out an buy a torque wrench for 200 ft/lbs if those are the correct specs. The buyer of a 2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn reaches out to forum members for some very specific information. Torque Upper ball stud nut to (148LB-FT/200N-M) 4. I found it about a month ago when I did my brakes. Dodge Ram Cummins engines have come a long way since the initial release of the 5. Dodge Ram 4 (2009-2019) Torque Spec Settings. Check out the full specs of the 2017 Ram 1500 Limited, from performance and fuel economy to colors and materials. 420 lb-ft of torque and up to 29 mpg(8) on 4x2 HFE-equipped models — with cost-effective oil change intervals up to 10,000 miles. I do think I found that the torque setting is 40lb, but would like to make sure of that. SPECIFICATIONS 2017 Ram Commercial 4500 & 5500 Chassis Cab SPECIFICATIONS EMBARGO DATE: 12:01 a. You can look up the torque specs in a repair manual or online repair database. 0L EcoDiesel Towing Specs 2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel Ram 1500 Diesel Tow Ratings. 2004 WJ Grand Cherokee Laredo, Freedom Edition. This vehicle has been designed to meet the needs of modern drivers, with a range of features that make it stand out. The Ram 1500 is not only stylish, but it’s also powerful and. (1,017 N•m) @ 1,500 rpm Maximum Engine Speed 3,200 rpm Fuel Requirement Ultra-low sulfur diesel Oil Capacity 12. The refresh resulted in improved engine reliability. As such, it is an ideal choice for many driving applications that require substantial power and torque while also offering good fuel economy ratings. This Jeep SRT8 Transfer Case by MMX has proven itself over and over again to reliably deliver the power from your HEMI to all 4 wheels read more. The 2019 Ram 1500 has a maximum towing capacity of 12,750 pounds and a maximum payload capacity of 2,300 pounds. 2000-99 Escalade 4 W/D 165/225 2006-03 Escalade ESV 177/240 2007-02 Ram 1500 Pickup 4 W/D 185/251 2001-00 Ram 1500 Pickup 2 W/D 185/251. 5MM TB, Powerwire, SRT-10 pillar, Tranny temp guage, H/O cams Dodgetalk. The basic torque pattern is an ever widening circle,starting at the middle bolts. *Forthe%most%uptodate%specifications,%visit%rambodybuilder. 2017 Chevrolet Camaro Engine Mechanical - 6. Fuel rail: Tighten the fuel rail bolts to 105. Fire @ Will : Torque Converter Bolt Torque Specs. The 1500 has a smaller/lighter duty bar than the 2500/3500 series. Just snug it up good and you are set to go. 2017 1500 specs (horsepower, torque, engine size, wheelbase), MPG and pricing by trim level. Using new gaskets install oil cooler, oil cooler housing to cylinder block. I used 120lbs for the wheel bearing assembly but according to a list of torque specs I found on this site through a search, I found 263lbs for the axel nut and that's what I used. SAE Net Torque @ RPM Suspension. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel. It is also necessary to alternate between both flanges. A rotational force given in Newton metres (Nm) or foot-pounds (ft-lbs), wheel torque measures lug …. For steel wheels with 17 inch or smaller diameter rims, the recommended lug nut torque is 80-90 ft lbs. The Ram Trucks E-Shop Program gives you the freedom to browse dealership inventory, choose your financing and get the 2023 Ram 1500 delivered at your convenience through participating dealers. Replace Engine Spark Plug & Ignition Coil Chrysler 3. With its powerful performance, spacious interior, and rugged design, it’s no wonder why so many people are interested in buying one. Chrysler’s Problem With the Pentastar V6 Oil Filter Housing & Cooler. This tutorial on how to replace the serpentine belt for a 5. To find torque specs for older Ford models, browse Edmunds. Does anybody know the torque specs for these rear ends? Or know where I can find it? Thanks. NOTE: Depending on the revision of oil cooler, mounting gaskets will differ. Showing the 2017 RAM ProMaster 1500 1500 Low Roof 118" WB 280. Its Ram 2500 HD “little” brother has the segment’s only rear coil-spring suspension. The 2017 RAM 1500 comes equipped with a 3. of torque; estimated at 20/27 mpg, city/highway by the EPA. Grand Prix, Impala 2006-2008, Monte Carlo 2006-2007 Torque Specifications Repair Guide. The F-150's height depends on the tires equipped -- which we'll get back to in a bit -- but ranges between 79. The torque specs for the 2017 RAM 1500 lug nuts is 85 ft-lbs. Chevrolet Lug Nut Torque Specs for your model can be found on our chart. ) MAKE/MODEL YEARS TORQUE ACURA All Models Except: 2012-90 80 ILX, TSX, ZDX 2013 65 MDX, RDX 2013 85 RL 2012-05 94 TL 2013 85 TL 2012-09 94 ZDX 2012-10 94 AUDI All Models 1997-90 81 All Models Except: 2011-98 89 5000 Series 1988 81 Cabriolet 1998-94 81 RS2 2011 96. Need MPG information on the 2017 RAM ProMaster 1500?. The Ram 1500 wheel torque specs are 130 lb-ft for the 18-inch wheels and 140 lb-ft for the 20-inch and 22-inch wheels. Fits the following Dodge Ram 1500 Years: 2009-2010 Dodge Ram 1500 | ST Quad Cab 2WD, ST Regular Cab 2WD | …. Here’s a complete list of vehicles that use the ZF 8HP45/50: 8HP45 / 8HP50. Does anyone know the proper brake torque specs for 2018. (27 Nm) Step 2: Bolts 1-10 verify torque without loosening. Explore specifications of the 2023 Ram 1500. Explore specifications of the 2023 Ram 2500 heavy duty truck. com Ram 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab Specifications 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4. My 3rd generation Ram service manuals call for 25 ft lbs; so I guess nothings changed. The Ram 1500 has a wheelbase of 140. Its last model year in the 4th-gen Ram 1500 is 2017, but it returns in the 2019-2022 Ram 1500 Classic. 60, 5" rear coils, XD832 20x9 -12mm wheels, Yokohama Geolandar G003 37x12. Also, the recommended oil to use on this engine – regardless of the generation – is 5W40. The Ram 1500 REV (Ram 1500 electric truck) will arrive in the U. Welcome back to the channel guys in this video I decided to answer a question via a video concerning torque specs for a typical Pentastar 3. Both versions have a torque specification of 32 ft. A larger engine option for those looking for more power is the 5. torque specs front driveshaft 4th Gen 1500. com, and select a specific Ford vehicle. Transmission Drain Plug Torque Specs. Trailer Towing and Payload Capability Highlights *For%the%mostup-to-date%specifications,%visitrambodybuilder. Need 2017 Ram 1500 information? Get the Motor Trend take on the 2017 Ram truck with specs and details right here. Author: 1A Auto Created Date: 8/16/2017 12:00:26 PM. Engines; About; 2010 - 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 6. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the Ram ProMaster in both Nm and ft/lbs. Reference the model year in the table to see what lug nut torque and size is applicable for your car. 0L engines have an oil capacity of 10. Torque K x Diameter The importance of this formula is in how the clamping force is influenced by "K" which is a measure of the friction between the nut and the U-bolt threads and washer. 2017 Ram 1500 CANADIAN SPECIFICATIONS Specifications are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. It is important to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern, going from left to right or vice versa. Joined Mar 2, 2014 Posts 95 Reaction score 20 Location San Antonio (Kirby), Texas Ram Year 2010 Lone Star Engine Hemi 5. These engines are also a bit lacking on torque for the modern days. In this article, we will dive deeper into the topic of 5. 2017 Silverado 1500 Info, Specs, Pics, Wiki. of torque, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is a high-performance truck that can go from zero to 60 mph in 4. Find out why the 2017 Ram 1500 is rated 6. Adhering to recommended torque specifications …. 5/20's / Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover / 5% Side Tint, 2% Rear Tint / PlasmaGlow Firestorm LED Tailgate Bar / Painted Grille / 5K HID Heads and Fogs / LED Interior Lights / Tow Hooks / 3500 Ram Flares. After every 10,000 miles, you should change the oil, along with the filter. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. In this guide we will cover the basic componenets and repairs involving the. Ram ProMaster (2013-on) Torque Spec Settings. Your support is not required or. 7L Engine; Oil pan: Oil pan drain plug: 50: 37: 6. Buy Now!New Control Arm with Ball Joint from 1AAuto. Maybe someone else with concrete answers will chime in. 6098 Views 3 Replies 2 Participants Last post by airforce26yrs , Sep 15, 2021. What are the torque specs for the caliber bolts? Couldn't seem to find them when looking online? May 24, 2019 #2 F. Harmonic Balancer Torque Specs Dorman # Applications Torque Spec 594-001 1990-88 3. Alex's Tips for Teens; All about mechanics and shops. !2017!Ram!3500!Specifications Note:&All&dimensions&shown&in&mm&(in)&unless&otherwise&specified. 6L Pentastar™ V6: The base engine in the Ram lineup delivers 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque while getting as low as 9. For alloy wheels of 17 inches or smaller. §§ C10, G10-20 Rubber Bushings; C20 -30, P10-30 Steel Bushings. 2017 RAM ProMaster Specifications. Other Name: Converter Kit Torque Replaced by: R5093944AF. IMPORTANT NOTE: Torque Specs and procedures for head studs described below are ONLY applicable when using NEW OEM head bolts. Flowmaster 717860 Cat-back Exhaust System. The Sierra has a rougher ride than the Ram 1500, but it still handles remarkably. I believe that there was a recent post from someone who stripped their drain plug trying to torque it to factory specs. Wheel size, PCD, offset, and other specifications such as bolt pattern, thread size (THD), center bore (CB), trim levels for 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. 7-liter V-8 making 395 horsepower and …. If you’re in the market for a new truck, the Dodge Ram 1500 is a popular choice. That might not seem quick, but the engine's ample torque makes a diesel. 6-liter V-6 gasoline engine cranks out up to 305 horsepower. Stabilizer Bar Nut (Power Wagon) 110ftlbs. SAE Net Torque @ RPM: 260 @ 4400: Mileage. The wheel torque specifications for the 2014 Ram 1500 depend on which size of wheels and tires are being used. The labor cost to replace the torque converter is between $200 and $2000. On the Dodge Ram 1500 the rear end ring gear bolts get tightened down to 150 ft-lbs. Have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is being serviced by factory-trained technicians using …. This is the torque that should be used when tightening the lug nuts on the wheels. As of January 2023, Ram has not provided any motor specifications other than stating that 100 miles of charge can be achieved within 10 minutes at a Level 3 DC fast-charging. 7L Hemi engine has a power output of 395 horsepower and 410 lb. It has multiple tunes with a power gain of up to 18HP and 27 lb/ft of torque; Some users have achieved upto 2MPG of mileage improvement; If I have to pick one, the best tuner for the 2017 RAM 1500 is Edge Evolution #85350 CS2. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab including dimensions, Torque: 269 lb-ft @ 4,175 rpm: Valves: 24: Related Used 2017 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab info. 4) Overall Height* (empty) 4x2/4x4 1,894 (74. Water pump replacement on a GM LS base engine. SOLVED: Front axle nut torque specs. It offers gas and available diesel engine options, Bilstein® Gas-Charged Monotube Shocks, skid plates, 33-inch off-road tires, a 16,870-pound maximum gas towing capacity and a 3,140-pound maximum gas payload. The RAM also offers another engine. Be sure to use some silicon sealant around the cover to ensure that the. Align nut to next cotter pin hole and install new cotter pin. Backwoods said: I'm getting ready to install bilstein 5100 shocks this weekend and I am yet to find a definitive spec on the upper ball joint nut. Here are Dodge/Ram Trucks lug nut torque specs. the 410 lb-ft of torque from the optional gasoline V8 is a better call. I show you how I replace a water pump on a GM 5. Whether you are changing a flat tire, you are swapping a wheel, or any type of work that requires you to remove the wheel on your 2020 Dodge Ram 1500, it is important that you use the manufacturer's recommended wheel nut torque for your vehicle. 2017 Ram 1500 Prices, Reviews, and Photos MotorTrend. It has a compression ratio of 10. See Full Specs for All 2024 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. The 2017 Ram 1500 tire sizes are 265/75R16, 265/70R17, 275/70R17, 285/70R17, 265/65R18, 275/65R18, 255/65R19, 275/60R20, 285/55R20, 285/45R22. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2019 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Ram 1500 TRX, Dodge Durango, Dodge. Wheel options include 17-inch styled steel, 17-inch polished alloy, 17-inch painted steel, 18-inch alloy and 20-inch chrome alloy. 2020 RAM 1500 Specs, Price, MPG & Reviews. Pinch bolt for the lower ball joint - 105. 2017 RAM ProMaster Low Roof 1500 Cargo Van 136 in. Torque Settings for Ram ProMaster (2013. 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Specs, Price, MPG & Reviews. Find information on performance, specs, engine, safety and more. 12105 Views 4 Replies 2 Participants Last post by coreyhawk , Mar 8, 2014. Changing my oil in the morning and couldn't find the torque spec for the drain plug on the 5. Select up to 3 trims below to compare some key specs and options for the 2017 Ram 1500. 7-liter V-8 gasoline engine that is able to. 4L engine bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. SILVERADO 1500: 17"BASE / CREW CAB: 1999 - 2018: 140 ft-lbs: SILVERADO 2500: 17"BASE / CREW CAB: 2000 - 2016: 140 ft-lbs: SILVERADO 3500: DUALLY / WT/LT/LTZ: 2001 - 2016: 140 ft-lbs:. When using SAE-sized bolts and fasteners, the specification should be 86 lb. when driven annually in the US. Ram 1500; Ram 1500 Classic; Ram Promaster; 2016 Pentastar Changes. 2016 Ram 2500 PW Lug nut torque specs. Generally, it is best to use a torque wrench when tightening lug nuts in order to ensure proper tightness. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. 4-liter HEMI generates a mere 410-horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque; very little difference compared to the 5. 4L60E Hardware Toqure Specifications. See pricing for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Big Horn Pickup 4D 6 1/3 ft. Need Torque specs for Hemi 5. Stellantis hasn’t revealed the. It still has plenty of towing power thanks to the 240 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque it produces, but it also gets excellent gas mileage for the class. As stated I'm looking mainly for the torque sequence for the 4. After 25 miles (40 km), check the lug nut/bolt torque to be sure that all the lug nuts / bolts are properly seated against the wheel. If you're considering buying the Ram 1500, request free price quotes from local dealers. This video is a very detailed, step-by. The 400 horsepower and 1000 lb-ft of torque in the high-output 6. 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 Specifications General. Save time and be the first to know about the. 7 inches, still short of the TRX's 80. 56 gears, STS turbo = 450+RWHP, SCT Tuner, B&M MegaShifter. I'm sure most of you are aware of the pattern failures of 3. Also does anyone have any experience using the "ultracork" gasket that comes with the Fram filter kit. 7L HEMI Compare All Models & Specs Staying Updated Is Easy. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2021 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, Torque: 269 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm: Valves: 24: Cam type: Double overhead cam (DOHC). Click below to find your next car. See the 2024 Ram 1500 Quad Cab price range, expert review, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and listings near you. All payload and max trailer are ESTIMATED values. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price. With peak combustion pressures in excess of 1,500 psi in a high performance engine, the stretching and loading forces on your head bolts are incredible. Basics; Vehicle Type: 2/4DR Truck: BASE MSRP(US) $51,160. We recommend you start threading the hardware on by hand so as to not cross thread or strip the threads. I've read 115 and - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic 3/28/2017. With the TorqueFlite® 8 Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission. Here are the torque specs and sequence for each engine type: 1. Remove the timing chain cover (Refer to 09 – Engine/Valve Timing/COVER (S) , Engine Timing – Removal). Most Ram 1500 trucks since 2013 come standard with a Pentastar V6 engine. Model Overview: 2017 Ram 1500 Tradesman Reviews and Specs …. 2017 Ram 1500 HFE 4x2 Quad Cab 6'4" Box Features and Specs Search. Explore engine specs of the 2023 Ram 1500 TRX. Thread starter GermanDreams; Start date Sep 6, 2021 · G . as I torqued it only to 30, it felt like it was stripping out so I stopped. 2022 RAM 1500 0-60, Top Speed and Quarter-Mile. 7L Hemi V-8, and a supercharged 6. Clean the friction surfaces of new rotors using the brake pads cleaner. 1500 Pickup 2011 130 ft-lbs 2012-15 135 ft-lbs (Cone style nut)2016-17 130 ft- . Does anyone have or know where I can get the torque specs for 2012 dodge ram 4x4 front suspesion bolts. 92 LSD, Diamondback bed cover & Cross Bin 8 tool tray, HID low beams (55 watt, 6K), LED high beams. Who better to protect your vehicle than the company who built your vehicle? Mopar ® Vehicle Protection is the only service contract provider backed by FCA and honored at all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep ®, Ram and FIAT ® dealerships across North America. 2012 – 2021 (DP) RAM 4500/5500 Cab & Chassis. Explore personalized vehicle information, buy parts and accessories, get coupons and much more. 22 inch DUB 8-Ball Chrome S131 on 2014 Dodge Ram …. For full details such as dimensions, cargo capacity, suspension, colors, and brakes, specific 1500 trim. 5—each wheel has five bolts forming a circle five inches in diameter. 7-liter V8 that puts out 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. 2017 Ram Pickup Review: An Affordable, Good Used Truck. The 2017 Ram 1500 wheel torque specs are as follows: lug nuts - 100 lb-ft (135 Nm); rear axle nut - 200 lb-ft (271 Nm); front hub bearing - 160 lb-ft (217 Nm). 7L Cummins High-Output Turbo Diesel I-6 320 @ 2,800 rpm 325 @ 2,400 rpm 429 @ 4,000 rpm 650 @ 1,400 rpm 750 @ 1,500 rpm 6,417 (392) 6,690 (408) 6,690 (408) Cast-iron block/aluminum head Cast-iron block and head Cast-iron block and head. 7L V8 water pump attaching bolts are to be tightened to 40ft lbs. 2L HEMI supercharged V8 with 702 hp and 650 lb. Ram Pickup 1500 2002 22mm Renegade140 EE Ram Pickup 1500 w/DRW (8 lug) 1994-2001 22mm 140 * w/steel wheelsEE Ram Pickup 1500, 2500 / Mega Cab / HD w/SRW2003-2012 24mm140 C T Ram Pickup 2500, 3500, 9/16” x 18 w/60° cone nut HD w/SRW2003-2012 24mm T140 MM Ram Pickup 2500, 3500, 9/16” x 18 w/flanged nut/flat. Torque Specifications Archives. Here you can find information regarding repairs to the Dodge Ram 1500 rear end system. While previously reported in this forum that the 2500/3500 uses M16 bolts torqued to 200lb/ft, THE 1500 SERIES USES M14 BOLTS TORQUED TO 114LB/FT. The 2017 1500 Quad Cab ranges in power from the Tradesman HFE Pickup 4D 6 1/3 ft with 240 horsepower to the Sport Pickup 4D 6 1/3 ft with 395 horsepower. To properly tighten your wheel nuts to the manufacturer's recommended specs - 130 Ft-Lbs …. All 2021 Ram 1500 DT models use a naturally-aspirated 5. 2017 RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn, 3. Front Wheel Hub Torque Specifications Spécifications de couple pour moyeu de roue avant Always refer to the specific vehicle manufacturer’s instruction manual for installation procedures. 7 Engine Torque Specs Needed. (120 Nm) Upper strut mounting nuts and torque to 36 ft. What Type of Differential Fluid Does My Ram 1500 Take?. 8L (231) Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac 219 lbs Chrysler Truck Dakota, Durango, Ram, Van 40 lbs 594-134 1995-93 L4-4. 6-liter V6 that puts out 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. 7-liter HEMI V-8 engine to tow 12,750 pounds. 2017 RAM 1500 Tradesman Crew Cab. 2014 Ram 1500 CANADIAN SPECIFICATIONS. 2007 Ram 1500 specs (horsepower, torque, engine size, wheelbase), MPG and pricing by trim level. m) A/C Compressor Bolt 18 (24) Torque Converter Nut 26 (35) Page 2 of 12 2/4/2010. It will be about half to two thirds full and you wont spill anything. Detailed specs and features for the 2023 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. S&B Filters 75-5016 Cold Air Intake. Quality of filter depends on your mileage. Vans Already Winning Awards for 2017 Model Year Next Post 2 Ram Truck Concepts Named Best Rock Crawling Trucks in 2016. Status Not open for further replies. See how Mopar is transforming the FCA ownership experience. 2017 RAM 1500 Towing Capacity with 5. If the converter stays unlocked, it can be a nuisance. The 2023 Ram 1500 starts at about $3,400 more, with the Tradesman trim clocking in at $37,090. Finally, tighten the 12-mm bolts an additional 90. Towing Capacity for 2017 RAM 1500. 7-liter V8 (offering the most horsepower at 395 ponies), and a 3. Rambunkshuss · #10 · Dec 3, 2014. This is how to service a 65RFE transmission. Joined Mar 9, 2014 Posts 412 Reaction score 153. SmallBlock LA Engine – 273, 318, 340, 360. Front Suspension Torque Specs Chart Item Nm Lbft Front lower control arm to frame 135-162 100-110 Front lower ball joint to spindle 106-163 80-120 Upper A-arm to frame 135-162 100-110 Upper ball joint to Spindle 95-122 70-90 Spindle hub nut 305-338 225-250 Tie Rod end to Spindle 33 25. This can be found in the owner's manual. The engine was originally used only in Dodge’s pickup truck line, but it was quickly adapted for use in a. 2022 RAM 2500 Specs, Price, MPG & Reviews. 6L Pentastar Connecting Rod Torque Specs : 15 ft-lbs + 90° Oil Pump Installation When installing the oil pump be sure to use the proper sealant around the …. Developed and manufactured by GM, the Sierra. 7 L V8 HEMI engine with eTorque, a quad cab. The 8 main bolts located on the sides of the cylinder heads should be torqued down to 22 ft-lbs and then 33 ft-lbs followed by an additional 130 degree turn. Here are some other torque specifications you should be aware of: Spark plugs: Tighten the spark plugs to 13-14 lb-ft of torque. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram Promaster Cargo Van 1500 Low Roof including dimensions, Used 2017 Ram Promaster Cargo Van 1500 Low Roof - Specs Torque: 260 lb-ft @ 4,175 rpm:. Front Upper Arm Frame Bolts Torque Spec. Stabilizer End Link Torque Spec. Torque Converters For 2007. The towing capacity in the 2021 Ram 1500 ranges from 6,300 – 12,750 lbs. Torque creeps up incrementally to 410 lb-ft in 2014. K&N 63-1561 Cold Air Intake System. When looking up the tightening specification for installing the bolts that hold the flywheel or drive plate to the crankshaft I found two different values. Cylinder Head Torque specs, timing chain installation, …. 7L Engine; Differential: Drain plug: 60: 44: 275FBI Front Axle; Transmission fluid pan: Drain plug: 57: 42: G56 Manual Transmission; Tie rod end: Front tie. Example: (Assuming 1" rod and 500 ft-lbs. In the engine section under "Crankshaft Oil Seal - Rear" the tightening torque given is 101 ft. The 18th of May, 2017, 2:03 p. The top of the Silverado trim range doesn’t have touches that scream high quality or luxury the way an F-150 Platinum or Ram Longhorn do, and that’s notable when these trucks can easily crest. In our case, and as shown in the video above, we tightened them to a 30 ft lb. Research the 2016 RAM 1500 at Cars. The second table contains all torque spec values I could find. ↑ I scrolled to the end and found a reference to an aluminum and steel transmission pan. Front Strut Upper Nuts Torque Spec. What is the torque spec on the bolts on the rocker arm, it. Then, RAM and Dodge were split into distinct companies in 2010, even though they are still in the same parent company. Ram 1500 produced between 2011 and 2018 also has a bolt pattern of 5×5. This strong foundation helps deliver a maximum gas towing capacity of up to 12,750 pounds1 and up to 2,300 pounds of maximum payload. MANUFACTURER'S-ESTIMATED CITY/HWY MPG. 0L Engine: Step 1: Tighten the bolts to 44 inch-pounds (5 Nm). Used 2017 RAM 1500 Trucks for Sale Near Me. (80 Nm) Fork to the lower arm and torque the bolt to 88 ft. Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with DodgeTalk Forum Plus. Trailer Ratio Box SC Total Front Rear Front Rear Weight Rating 3. The rear caliper bracket for the heavy-duty caliper has a torque specification of 163 ft/lbs for the upper bolt and 190 ft/lbs for the lower bolt. Hey, motorheads! In this video, Blair shows you how to replace the Front Brake Pads + Rotors on a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab 5'7" Box Specs #3 out of 6 in 2017 Full Size Pickup Trucks. Jump to Latest Follow 8K views 4 replies 5 participants last post by earlzach Jun 8, 2017. 7L Intake Manifold Torque Specs : 10 ft-lbs Dodge Ram 1500 5. Get the most useful specifications data and other technical specs for the 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4x2 Crew Cab 5'7" Box. Copper Tip: 22-26 As always, be sure to consult your owner’s manual or a certified mechanic before performing any work on your engine. The 2014 RAM 1500 full-size light-duty pickup truck achieves a maximum towing capacity of 10,450 pounds. RevMax 68RFE-405 Stg 4 Multi Disc Torque Converter (Ultra Low Stall) $999. These repairs include the rear control arms installation, the rear swaybar information and bolt torque specs, the rear diff fluid change procedures, and the rear end watts system installation. NOTE: If you are re-using OEM factory hardware make sure it is in good condition and use the. The 2017 Ram 1500 pickup is available across 10 trim levels and offers three engine options, the 3. Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500; Year Lug Nut Torque Lug Nut Size; 2002: 120 – 150 for cone type and 130 – 160 for flanged: 9/16 – 18: 2017: 130 lbf. LA County, People's Republic of California. Horsepower and torque output increased, while fuel consumption and emissions output decreased. 0CL 181/245 134/181 Hub Bearing Torque Specification Guide 2010. i dont think i have ever pulled a spark plug to 30, seams like a bit much. Use the caliper spreader tool to push back the caliper piston. 1500 Pickup 2011 130 ft-lbs 2012-15 135 ft-lbs (Cone style nut)2016-17 130 ft-lbs (Flanged style nut). Torque (Nm) Torque (ft/lbs) Remarks Applies to; Oil pan: Oil pan drain plug: 34: 25: 5. 7 Hemi water pump bolts is 18 ft-lbs (24 Nm). Style 1 nut has the thin collar (1. 7-liter V8 with 395 hp and 410 lb-ft. Hi Huri, my dealership (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram in the Tacoma Washington area) informs me that my 2017 RAM. 7L CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL 09 - Engine, 6. Meet the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 light-duty pickup truck with a full-box frame of high strength steel. 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Review, Pricing, and Specs. degrees and the M11 cylinder head bolts (9 and. The Haynes manual states the torque for the trans pan bolts is 80 in-lbs (6L80 trans). Save up to $21,260 on one of 42,984 used 2017 Ram 1500s near you. Timken parts catalog http://www. Ram 1500 Wheel Bearing Torque Specs. Horsepower / Torque Payload GVWR; 2023: Classic Warlock Quad Cab 6'4" Box: 4,380 lbs: 3. Change Year: 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011. Need to know main and rod bearing clearance and bearing torque specs for …. 2L HEMI® V8 engine has up to 702 horsepower, can go from 0-60 MPH in 4. Torque Specifications for Gen 3 Hemi Engines. Get the most useful specifications data and other technical specs for the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD Crew Cab 143. Latest: 4xdad; 16 minutes ago;. The official torque spec for the 5. For 18-inch wheels with lug nuts, it is 90 ft/lbs. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Wagoneer and Mopar are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. Really though, the service manual doesn't even give a torque spec on spark plugs. I did the step as follows 132 initial turned it ten times then final 263. Good morning, The specs are below for all the intake and the valve covers. 4L HEMI Cylinder Head Small Bolts Torque Specs : 15 ft-lbs + 25 ft-lbs Timing Chain and Camshaft Installation On the Dodge 6. I'd be careful torqueing the drain plug to 33 ft lbs. Ram 1500 - Wheel size, PCD, offset, and other specifications such as bolt pattern, thread size (THD), center bore (CB) for all model years Ram 1500. The bolt pattern of Dodge Ram 1500 from 1994 – 2010 is 5×5. Dodge Ram 1500 Front Caliper Slide Bolts Torque Specs : 27 ft-lbs Dodge Ram 1500 Front Caliper Bracket Torque Specs : 130 ft-lbs. MrMac Premium Member Discussion starter · Sep 22, 2013. 0L EcoDiesel V6 turbo churns out 420 lb-ft of torque and up to 29 mpg(8) on 4x2 HFE-equipped. 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 5. Engine Oil Cooler: Regular Duty. Detailed specs and features for the 2022 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, Torque: 269 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm: Valves: 24: Related 2022 Ram 1500 info. The torque spec for these bolts is 80 in-lbs. CAB: 1994 - 2001: 110 ft-lbs: RAM 1500 - 20 INCH: 20"BASE / LARAMIE: 2009 - 2012: 130 ft-lbs: RAM 1500 - 17 INCH: 17"OPT / SLT/SLT+: 2002 - 2010: 135 ft-lbs: RAM 250: 16"BASE / 2WD: 1986 - 1993: 105 ft-lbs: RAM 2500 - ST/SLT: 16"BASE / ST/SLT: 1994 - 2012: 135 ft-lbs. 6-liter V6 that makes 305 hp @ 6400 rpm and 269 lb. Lug Nut Torque (Cone Type) Lug Nut Torque (Flanged) 2002. Search didn't do much good either. Rear brakes on 2016 Ram 3500 sticking. _____ 4wd Chevy / GMC Front End Lubrication Points. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, Torque: 410 lb-ft @ 3,950 rpm: Valves: 16: Cam type: Overhead valves (OHV). Here are the front axle nut torque specs for the 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD: • Axle Shaft nut - 177 ft-lb. Dodge Ram 1500 Front Swaybar Bar Nut Spec : 20 ft-lbs. according to these torque specs. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2017 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. This is dependent on the cab size, bed size, drive, and most importantly engine. The torque specifications for a 5. The 2018 Ram 1500 is a capable pickup that offers a long list of options and the most comfortable ride in its class, but it is starting to show its age. Hey guys - Simple question for anyone with a 4th gen or 2016 Ram 1500. SRW/DRW Axle Pickup GVWR Payload Base Weight GAWR GCW GCWR Max. 2017 White Ram 1500 Night Crew Cab 4x4, 3. to/2LLydERPump I used:https://amzn. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2021 Ram 1500 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Clean and inspect all hardware and parts prior to installation. The base V6 feels energetic for everyday use, while the V8 provides strong, traditional-truck power. Panhard/Track Bar Torque Specs. If that sounds a little weak in the knees. Protect your Ram 1500 PICKUP in any driving condition with our specially formulated motor oils. Anyone have the torque specs for the intake manifold bolts on the 2013 5. 0-liter monster of the 1960s and early-1970s to 5. for all model years up to2019 TORQUE CHART. If you have the stock Y pipe,you might have to have a muffler shop tweak it slightly for clearance around the pan though. The trade-off is shorter gears and a higher speed at a given RPM. In Edmunds testing, a Ram 1500 Laramie crew cab 4WD with the diesel engine accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 8. whats the torque specs on the rack and pinion gear mount to frame bolts on a 2002 dodge ram 1500 2wd 4. Dodge Mechanic: I need the torque specifications for a 94 dodge ram 1500. Fuel economy comes in at an EPA-estimated 22 mpg highway and 15 mpg. The 2017 Ram 1500 bolt pattern is 5x139. A rotational force given in foot-pounds (ft-lbs), wheel torque measures lug nut tightness. 0 L turbodiesel V6 capable of 240 hp. Track Bar to Axle (2500/3500 4x4) 200ftlbs. Torque: 269 lb-ft @ 4175 rpm: Base. The higher the friction, the less clamping force that is developed with the same torque. The torque specifications for the light-duty package are 130 ft/lbs for the front caliper brackets and 120 ft/lbs for the rear caliper brackets. Chevy Silverado 3 (2014-2018) Torque Spec Settings. Not sure what mileage lengths are listed in your manual. GMC Lug Nut Torque Specs – Sparky Express. Every vehicle has its own torque requirements. Thinking the bracket needs … read more. 2018 RAM 1500 Pricing and Specs 2017 Chevrolet Camaro; 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500;. The ones that go to the guide pins. 7L HEMI V8: 395 hp with 410 lb-ft of torque and towing capability up to 10, 620 lb. Troubleshooting Dodge Transmission Problems. 7 hemi water pump torque specs to provide you. 7 HEMI upgrades, improvements in horsepower and torque, price, performance, and more. The three available engines in the Ram 1500 are the base 3. Select the model year or vehicle generation to …. Step 3— Turn M12 cylinder head bolts, in sequence, 90 degrees and tighten M8 bolts to 34 N·m (25 ft. 7L engine bolt torque specs, common problems and repairs. Also shown is Torque specs and tool Ram 1500 Front Brake Pads and. For 2017, Ram 1500 assets continue with the 3. Form #457377 October, 2005 Torque Specification Guide. Install the new plug finger tight, and complete the installation with a torque wrench. For those who want even more out of their engine, there is also an available 5. Bright White (PW7), 345ci Hemi V8, 8HP70, 3. 7" / Bilstein 5125 Rear Shocks / Fuel Throttle Wheels 20x9 +1mm / Toyo MT 35/12. If ARP head stud kit #244-4300 is used, follow ARP installation procedures. News; Truck News; SUV News; 2017 Honda Accord; 2021 Toyota Tundra; 2017 Chevrolet Camaro;. Optional on most grades and standard on Limited, Sport, and Laramie Longhorn trims is a 5. Chrysler’s Problem With the Pentastar V6 Oil Filter Housing. Changing the rear axle ratio can help with torque. For 17-inch wheels with lug nuts, the recommended torque specs is 80 ft/lbs. of torque when tightening the plugs. 2021 RAM 1500 Power & Capability. Check out the full specs of the 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel, from performance and fuel economy to colors and materials. com, and find the specific vehicle. dodgefan360 · #2 · Jan 10, 2009. If you’re using 20-inch wheels, the torque spec. Regal2011-2017 22mm110HH KTI30338 CADILLACKTI30312A All or subsequent changes in specifications by vehicle manufacturers. 0L EcoDiesel V6 turbodiesel with two motors providing all-wheel drive. Tighten the M11 cylinder head bolts (1-8) to 90. Can anybody fill me in? We’re the ultimate Dodge RAM forum to talk about the RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 including the Cummins powered models. The Jeep Grand Cherokee benefitted from the 3. GMC Sierra 1500 1999-06 4 Wheel Drive Front 177 240 Axle / Spindle Nut Torque Specification. Install the wheel and tire assembly. Discover the 2024 Ram 1500, our most advanced 1500 ever. 7 Hemi Engines How to Ensure Proper Bolt. As of January 2023, Ram has not provided any motor specifications other than stating that 100 miles of charge can be achieved within 10 minutes at a Level 3 DC fast-charging station. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. Front Wheel Hub Torque Specifications Ram 1500 Pickup 4WD 03 - 02 185 251 Ram 1500 Pickup 4WD 01 - 00 180 244 Ram 1500 Pickup 4WD 99 - 96 175 237. Use new gaskets and tighten the bolts, in sequence, as follows: Step 1: Bolts 1-8 to 20 ft. 2L (1991cc) Mazda MX-6,626 95 lbs 594-135 1998-75 V8-5. Fork to the strut and torque the bolts to 59 ft. pass in sequence to 90 degrees. It is very straightforward and only. A formidable front axle works in tandem with a robust front suspension, making Ram Heavy Duty a top choice for front-load accessories. 7L - Dodge Cars & Trucks question 2017 • 2002 There is no torque specs,this nut has to be tightened back like it was ,the best thing to do,was,to late now,is to use a torque wrench to remove the nut,and remember the torque,and …. Find everything from spec articles and buying guides for Mustang, Bronco, Focus, F-150, Wrangler, and Gladiator to FAQs and how-to's for …. 56 R&P/DTT, Sonnax Line Booster, SRT-10 Pod w/Dynojet Wideband Commander,. TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETNI and Lower Ball Joint on RAM 4500/5500 DISCLAIMER: The information in this communication is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, Thread Upper ball joint into knuckle and torque to specifications (295LB-FT/400N-M) 3. Designed for any job with massive towing and hauling power, see why this truck is a heavyweight. 0-liter, V6 Cylinder Engine (Diesel Fuel) Shop 2017 RAM 1500 vehicles for sale at Cars. Diesel Resource | Your go-to diesel experts DON'T BE SHY. 2017 RAM 1500; 2016 RAM 1500. 6-liter Pentastar V6, rated for 305 horsepower and 296 pound-feet of torque. to/2YBgfGBIn this video I show step-by-step how to s.